Delimiting Exclusive Economic Zones in the Eastern Mediterranean

(click to enlarge) Greece and Italy have signed a new agreement delimiting their exclusive economic zones in the Ionian Sea, a move that will expand...

Measuring the Economic Damage in Europe

(click to enlarge) The economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic is such that it’s nearly impossible to accurately measure. Still, some numbers are starting...

India-China Border Standoff

(click to enlarge) On June 6, the lieutenant generals of the Indian and Chinese armies will meet in eastern Ladakh to try to defuse border...

Eroding Confidence in One Country, Two Systems

China is tightening its control over Hong Kong.

In Venezuela, Protests Decline Under Quarantine

There has been a significant decline in protests compared to a year ago.

COVID-19: Countries at Risk of a Resurgence

There's increasing concern over a second wave of infections.

European Demand for Russian Natural Gas

Poland is moving forward with the Baltic Pipe project, which will help deliver alternatives to Russian gas supplies to Europe.

Global Food Crises

Millions of people face acute food insecurity.

Turkey Pushes South

(click to enlarge) In its bid to create an area of influence along its southern border, Turkey has initiated two military campaigns in Iraq and...

Fiscal Measures to Combat the Coronavirus

(click to enlarge) As the coronavirus has spread across the globe, it has paralyzed economies. With widespread quarantines, demand has lagged, supply chains have been...

The Coming Decline of Global Trade

(click to enlarge) The World Trade Organization revised its forecast for global trade this year to reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic — and...

Rosneft Leaves Venezuela

The threat of more sanctions has forced Rosneft to pull out of the country.

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