Coups in Africa Since 1950

A recent failed coup in Gabon is just the latest attempt to overthrow an African government.

The US Role in the Syrian Civil War

A look at the evolution of the conflict, and the United States’ involvement in it.

The US Dominates Global Military Spending

Washington spends more than the next 10 countries combined on its military forces.

Russia-Venezuela Economic Ties

Venezuela is looking for a little help from its friends.

Moving Toward Korean Cooperation

The two Koreas are gradually reducing defenses along the Demilitarized Zone and exploring possibilities for major cross-border infrastructure projects.

Showdown Over the Sea of Azov

A controversial Russian bridge over the Kerch Strait has escalated tensions around the Crimean Peninsula.

Examining Canada’s Debt Exposure

The country’s mounting debt is creating vulnerabilities that could make recovery more difficult in the event of another recession.

The Islamic State’s Fading Territory

The Islamic State’s territory in Syria and Iraq is a shadow of its former self.

Teddy Roosevelt Goes to Panama

For the U.S., the Panama Canal symbolized the expansion of its geopolitical power.

Tracking the Central American Migrant Caravans

Three weeks ago, a caravan of thousands of migrants from various Central American countries departed on a journey to the U.S.-Mexico border. All the governments involved, including those from source countries Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – together dubbed the Northern Triangle – have different agendas here.

India’s Trade With Iran

India has been keen to expand into Iran, where an Indian firm is developing a deep-water port in the southern coastal town of Chabahar. New Delhi has invested nearly $34 billion in the project.

Where China Is Detaining the Uighurs

The central government is holding nearly 1 million members of the Muslim minority group in camps around Xinjiang province for ‘re-education.’