Geopolitical News and Global Events in Geopolitics

What is Geopolitical News and Why it Matters

Stay ahead of Geopolitical Events that Impact Our Lives

Geopolitical news focuses on the political, economic, and social forces that clash and connect around the world. This can include anything from diplomatic relations between countries to military conflict and active terrorism. Often these news articles are focused on analyzing the situation, synthesizing the information presented with relevant historical context, and then using that information to make predictions on future events and effects. Geopolitical news helps us understand the motivations behind the actions of different countries and groups and how those actions may affect our lives and the global market.

There are many different sources of geopolitical news, analysis, and forecasting. The most important thing is to find sources that you feel are trustworthy, that hire and promote field experts, and that provides ample support for their analytical reasoning. This way, you can be sure that the information you’re getting is accurate, factual, and gives a clear picture of the situation. Below we have outlined some elements to consider when analyzing geopolitical news, which we hope will help you better understand the work that we produce here at Geopolitical Futures and geopolitical analysis and forecasting as a whole.

Geopolitical News in Foreign Policy and Politics

How Governing Bodies Impact Geopolitics

Geopolitical news takes political events and circumstances and drops them into the proper regional and global context. The goal here is not only to understand what happened but also why it happened, what led to these events, and how even a singular event may ripple out and affect other regions and nation-states. While we at Geopolitical Futures do not typically focus on the machinations of specific world leaders, we do pay attention to the movements of nations and governments, especially those whose actions have consequences that affect the global economy and social structure. A great way to stay informed about geopolitical news is to read geopolitical analyses and forecasts. These pieces are generated by analysts to help readers understand the developments and implications of developing situations. Here at Geopolitical Futures, we offer this type of content to our subscribers. If you are interested in learning more about geopolitics and our unique model of analysis and forecasting, you can sign up to become a subscriber here!

Geopolitical News from Global Conflict and War

How Military Conflict and Terrorist Groups Impact Geopolitics

Military conflict and terrorist groups can have a significant impact on geopolitics. These events can cause countries to realign their alliances, as well as their economic and trade relationships. They can also lead to the formation of new countries or the breakup of existing ones. In recent years, we have seen a number of major military conflicts, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Syrian civil war. These conflicts have led to realignments in the geopolitical balance of power, with some countries forming tighter alliances and others moving towards isolationism. Major conflicts can even prompt uninvolved third parties to engage, as we saw with WWI and WWII, leading to an escalation in military activity overall.

Geopolitical News based on Societal Conditions

How Culture, Education, Occupation, and Income Impact Geopolitics

The perception of a region or nation-state’s culture, education, occupation, and income can also have an impact on their geopolitical standing. How a nation is culturally perceived by its neighbors can influence how, or even if, they are approached for diplomatic or economic engagement. Some nations may even use their culture as a major economic force in itself, such as the case with Greece, whose GDP relies heavily on its international tourism industry. How a country utilizes and expresses its culture can be a major factor in its ability to negotiate and interact with other nations, and so shifts in culture can also be something that geopolitical analysts monitor and report on when appropriate.

Geopolitical News based on Business and Economics

How Production, Consumption, and Transfers of Wealth Impact Geopolitics

While we here at Geopolitical Futures do not claim to specifically be economists, economics does play a major role in the geopolitical field and so can not be ignored. Thus, the production, consumption, and transfers of wealth are all major factors that impact geopolitics. Production here refers to the creation and exportation of goods and services, while consumption is the use of those goods and services. The transfer of wealth between nation-states forms the backbone of economic theory and is often a major cornerstone of international trade and diplomatic agreements, and the shifting of these chains of trade can have a significant impact on a country’s geopolitical standing.

A country’s production levels can impact its geopolitical status in a number of ways. For example, a country with high levels of production may be able to trade goods and services for other resources, such as oil or mineral rights. To some extent, this is just a simple economic exchange. However, the geography and culture of a country may influence its ability to barter economically favorable trade deals.

Likewise, the level of consumption can also impact its strength on the international field of geopolitics. For example, a country with high levels of consumption may be able to exert political pressure on other countries to ensure that its citizens have access to the goods and services they want. They may also be seen as a valuable market for other countries’ products and be courted accordingly. On the other end, excessive demand from these high consumption countries can also put pressure on countries focused on meeting these consumption needs, leaving them vulnerable and at a disadvantage when it comes to trade negotiations.

Infrastructure can also have an impact on its geopolitical status. For example, a country with a well-developed infrastructure may be able to support a high level of economic activity and may be seen as a desirable partner for trade and investment. Conversely, a country with poorly developed infrastructure may find itself at a disadvantage in the international arena, but may also find itself attracting international investors who can help build up both industry and infrastructure.

Geopolitical News based on Cyber and Technology

How Cyber Security and Technology Impact Geopolitics

In a world connected via social media, the geopolitical landscape is constantly shifting. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be up-to-date on current affairs and understand how technology impacts the balance of power and capabilities of different countries. For example, in recent years, we’ve seen a rise in cyber-attacks. It’s a new dimension of vulnerability that all governments, militaries, and major businesses need to take into consideration.

Cyber security has the potential to change the playing field in that it allows actors traditionally seen as weaker to attack stronger enemies. It also opens space for non-state actors to target govt/security/business. These can have a major impact on a country’s economy and security. For example, in 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attack hit over 150 countries, causing billions of dollars in damage. These events can change the ways that the public engages with the web and perceive a country’s ability to deal with outside threats and defend itself.

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