Daily Memo: Trans-Pacific Trade Updates

All the news worth knowing today.

Daily Memo: All About China

All the news worth knowing today.

Unfounded Optimism in Ukraine

When it comes to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, neither side has much room for compromise.

George Friedman’s Thoughts: The Problem With Passion

Passion obscures the subtlety and complexity of the things we care about.

What a Recession Would Mean for Brazil

The country’s recent economic figures aren’t inspiring much hope that it will return to high growth rates.

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Bloomberg Surveillance - August 14 Podcast

Xi has failed to fix the problems the Central Committee brought him in to fix, and I think he's nervous, and that will wind up resulting in him going into Hong Kong. - George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures Founder and Chairman, explains why Beijing is deeply worried about Hong Kong protests. Full interview, starting at 13:00

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1989-1992: A Global Pivot

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Recession, Synchronized and Desynchronized

Three of the world's largest economies are showing signs of a downturn.

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