The Geopolitics of the Coronavirus

The outbreak has never been strictly a medical crisis.


For Iran, a US Withdrawal Is a Blessing and a Curse

Assuming leadership in Washington’s absence will be easier said than done.

Russia’s Choice: Its Buffer Zone or Its Economy

The coronavirus slowdown is forcing the Kremlin to confront decisions about its gas sales sooner than it had hoped.

Why Venezuela’s Maduro Isn’t Worse Off Than He Is

The past few months have been a nightmare for economies that rely on oil. After the coronavirus pandemic sent prices plummeting, finance ministries had...

Back to the Future: China and the US

The COVID-19 disease, which seems likely to be with us for a long time, has done its part to define history. But it has...

The Reality of China’s Push Into Eastern Europe 

Beijing’s engagement with the region is not nearly as strong as the headlines suggest.

The Origin and Challenge of Islamic Fundamentalism

The movement is inherently incapable of realizing its messianic vision.

The Medical Structure and Calculated Risk

Medical research is always involved in the important work of understanding disease and the human body. It is now at the center of a...

China Is Still the Next China

The pandemic has made the U.S. decoupling push both more urgent and more difficult to achieve.

Mercosur Dies a Slow Death

The interests of the trade bloc’s most important members, Brazil and Argentina, are no longer aligned.

Washington’s East of Suez Moment

The circumstances are different, but U.S. military drawdowns are no less significant than the British Empire's.

Power and the Rise and Fall of Nations

Last week, I appeared on a Turkish TV station and spoke to a business group in Switzerland. The same question was the focus of...

Long Live Kim?

The North Korean leader’s absence on the world stage fueled every sort of rumor about his health. But does it even matter?

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Friedman’s Thoughts In and Around Geopolitics: Texas, the Comanche and a...

On an ordinary weekday, my wife and I went for a drive for no reason other than after weeks of being in lockdown we...
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The Storm before the CalmThe Storm Before the Calm is an objective and impartial look at where we are now and what awaits us beyond these turbulent times. We can think of no better book to read than this right now, when the state of the country and our society is part of a worldwide existential crisis.”
The Garden Island

Daily Memo: China Moves on Hong Kong

Beijing has essentially dispensed with the pretext of “one country, two systems.”

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Newsweek: As Criticism of China Mounts, Trump Advisory Peter Navarro Continues to Urge Bringing Supply Chain Home

"The lack of redundancy in supply chain–particularly in geographic diversity has hit home. The era in which China was the sole supplier of critical components has cost many companies a great deal in this epidemic." - George Friedman Full story

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