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Brief: Russo-China Naval Drills

Background: By many accounts, the bilateral relationship between Russia and China...

Brief: 3 Cuban Generals Are Dead

Background: The Cuban government’s staying power rests on its ability to...

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What's Geopolitically Important Today

Daily Memo: Japanese Support for Taiwan, North Korean Warnings for Seoul

Support for Taiwan. Japan’s defense minister over the weekend called for greater international attention...

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What We’re Reading: Taking Cyber Seriously

Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War By Fred Kaplan A reader recommended Fred Kaplan's...

What We’re Reading: Capitalism’s Viability

Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism? By Robert Kuttner Almost two months ago, I praised Branko Milanovic...

Why Egyptians Don’t Dissent

Earlier this month, Abdel Nasser Salamah, the former editor-in-chief of Cairo’s renowned al-Ahram newspaper,...

The Costs and Benefits of Patronizing Cuba

In February, we wrote that Cuba’s economy was reaching a breaking point and that...

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Russia’s New Strategy for Central Asia

While Russia was grabbing attention with its buildup and withdrawal of military forces along its western border with Ukraine, it was making a different,...

Turkey’s Strategy in the Eastern Med

As Turkey’s dreams of joining the European Union have faded, Ankara has shifted its...

Has Uzbekistan’s Time Finally Come?

In our 2019 Annual Forecast, we said we expected Uzbekistan to challenge Kazakhstan as...

Brief: The Limits of Belarusian Reforms

Background: Following Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s questionable reelection and major protests last year, it...

Jordan’s Perennial Quest for Survival

U.S. officials described the Defense Cooperation Agreement signed between the United States and Jordan...

COVID and Cars

We have moved into the true second phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous phases were merely passing bubbles. This one appears real. Until now,...

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RealClearWorld: Scotland’s Complicated Quest for Independence

The current calls for Scottish independence should be seen less as a real push for sovereignty and more as political bargaining with London. After...

RealClearWorld: Critical Theory

The resurrection of critical theory takes political issues as merely a means of transforming the psyche. The object has been to change what we...

Euractiv: Biden’s Visit: What Does it Mean to Rejoin Europe?

Given that Europe is not inclined to make the painful decisions that a modernized relationship requires, it is hard to understand what a return...

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Brief: 3 Cuban Generals Are Dead

Background: The Cuban government’s staying power rests on its ability to maintain social order, often through repressing dissent and controlling the economy. Its control...

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