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Brief: Ukraine Wants to Buy an Iron Dome Battery

Background: Israel and Russia have developed a pragmatic and functional relationship...

Brief: Russia Admits Failure in the North Caucasus

Background: The Caucasus is an important buffer separating Russia from Turkey...

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Daily Memo: Iranians Head to the Polls

Iranian elections. Iran held presidential and local council elections on Friday. Ultra-conservative frontrunner Ebrahim...

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What We’re Reading: The Evolution of Money and the Russian State

The History of the Russian State By Boris Akunin “The History of the Russian State” is...

What We’re Reading: Goodbye to Budapest

Goodbye to Budapest: A Novel of the Hungarian Uprising By Margarita Morris Hungary was far from...

The Curse of Sectarianism in Lebanon

In October 2019, a spate of protests erupted over the Lebanese government’s plan to...

In Peru, Uncertainty at Home, Consistency Abroad

Ten days have passed since Peru’s presidential election, and though all the votes have...

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Reengaging the Northern Triangle

In recent years, there’s been a periodic and predictable exchange between the United States and the Northern Triangle countries – Honduras, El Salvador and...

Brief: Russia Admits Failure in the North Caucasus

Background: The Caucasus is an important buffer separating Russia from Turkey and Iran. Having...

What Does It Mean to Rejoin Europe?

U.S. President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe has thus far pivoted around the single...

How the Competition Against China Could Improve NATO

Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden started a European tour in the United Kingdom,...

Brief: Russia’s Eastward Turn

Background: Russia is following the trend and looking east, hoping to solidify its position...

Summits and the Personal Understanding They Foster

As the week of meetings in Europe ends, many wonder what the varied personalities have brought us. In particular, we wonder whether U.S. President...

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Economic and political fallout from COVID-19 responses will remain the primary driver of events in 2021.

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The World in 2020

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BNN Bloomberg: Geopolitical Futures on Biden’s Europe Trip, NATO Meeting, China’s Military Might

George Friedman discusses President Biden’s summit trip to Europe and Beijing's growing military might, which was one of the top items on the agenda...

JORNAL ECONÓMICO: A Maior Corrida do Mundo é Pelo Controlo da Inteligência Artificial

“As interconexões económicas criam dependências. Quanto mais um país depende de outro, mais o seu poder enfraquece e este é o caso da China...

Global Guessing: Phillip Orchard on Geopolitical Futures, US-China Competition, and Forecasting Methods

How do the biggest geopolitical risk firms approach forecasting? What’s the future of tensions between the United States and China? Phillip Orchard of Geopolitical...

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