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The World in 2022

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see,” Winston Churchill once quipped. Predicating expectations of the future on an understanding...

Globalization After the Pandemic

We enter 2022 with the same hope that we had as we entered 2021: that the pandemic will end soon. This time, we will...

2021 Year-End Review

(click to enlarge) Scale: Hit, Partial Hit, Inconclusive, Partial Miss, Miss Global The defining feature of 2021 will be insularity. Countries will simply be too consumed with...

The World Ocean Versus the Continent

For centuries, the power that controls the seas – the “World Ocean” – has successfully stymied continental rivals and dictated the rules of world trade. The...

Fertilizers and Food Insecurity

Next week is Thanksgiving, a U.S. holiday that celebrates, and is celebrated with, food. This year, however, Americans are reckoning with rising food prices....

Explanations for the Labor Shortage

The current breakdown of the global supply chain threatens to change the future of the world. If this worsens, the fabric of the global...

Bonus Chapter: The Five Eyes

Editor’s note: In a supplementary chapter of his book “The Storm Before the Calm,” GPF founder George Friedman wrote last summer about how the...

On Geoeconomics

Last week, I spoke and moderated at several conferences in person – a rare thing since the pandemic began – whose topics ranged from...

The Taliban’s Strategic Dilemmas

As the Taliban once again transition from an insurgency to a political institution, questions surround the kind of government they want to be. Domestic...

Afghanistan and the 40-Year War

I have to confess that I find it difficult to hold an analytic distance on Afghanistan. I am angry – at no one in...

What the Taliban’s Resurgence Means for the Arab World

There have been mixed reactions in the Arab world to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Oman’s grand sheikh congratulated the Afghan people on what...

Brief: Russia Reinforces Its Buffer in Central Asia

Background: Central Asia buffers Russia from the ongoing instability in Afghanistan, but Moscow fears that increased migration and the threat of terrorism and extremism...

Turkey and Iran Compete Over Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not a country that lends itself to domination by sheer force. Its rugged, mountainous terrain makes it impossible for a foreign military,...

US Credibility After Afghanistan

Over the past week, there's been a perplexing amount of consternation and, in some corners, elation about how the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan might...

When You’re Wounded and Left on Afghanistan’s Plains

I was shocked by what happened in Afghanistan in the past week or so. Not because I didn’t expect it – President Joe Biden...

The Road to 2040: A Summary of Our Forecast


Dec. 2, 2015 We look into the future and forecast what the world will look like in a quarter of a century. We predict several disruptions in the global structure by 2040 and conclude that much of the instability over the next 25 years will be focused in the European and Asian continents.

Here is a summary of some of our key predictions for the next 25 years.

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The heartland of South Asia is the Indo-Gangetic Plain, a large and fertile region based around the Indus and Ganges river systems, as well as the Bramaputra in Bangladesh and eastern India.

The center of gravity of South Asia is the balance of power between Pakistan and India. Historically, India has struggled to assert itself within the subcontinent because of its complex internal divisions.

The future of Afghanistan matters to the degree it could weaken Pakistan, thereby tipping the balance of power in India’s favor.

There is an intense rivalry between China and India, but the geography of the region, including the existence of buffer states such as Nepal and Bhutan, typically prevents them from coming to blows.

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The Future of India...

India will improve its economic and military cooperation with Australia as China intensifies its pressure on India from all sides.

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The Russian Mystery

In looking at Russian strategy in Ukraine, and indirectly toward the United States, there is a mystery that seems to have an obvious answer...

Daily Memo: Concerns Grow Over Ukraine, Houthis Target Abu Dhabi

Foreigners to leave Ukraine. The United States ordered the families of U.S. diplomats in Kyiv to leave the country amid growing speculation about a...

George Friedman on McCuistion TV: Global Trends and Forecast for 2022

What can you expect in the year to come? GPF Chairman George Friedman has this preview of our newest report, The World in 2022, via McCuistion TV.

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