What We’re Reading: Gaullism and the Suez Canal

Weekly reviews of what's on our bookshelves.

Daily Memo: Rising Global Debt, Lebanon’s New Prime Minister, Britain’s Foreign...

A World Bank study shows staggering levels of global debt, and the Lebanese president appoints a new prime minister.

Daily Memo: Impeachment, Shanghai Protest, an Anti-Saudi Bloc

Does impeachment matter geopolitically? Is a protest in Shanghai a harbinger of greater unrest?

Daily Memo: Denuclearizing North Korea, Redefining Trade, Courting India

Regional actors appear to be coalescing around the issue of Pyongyang’s controversial program.

Daily Memo: The Lebanese Crisis, Lavrov’s Washington Visit, Argentine Debt

The uncertainty in Lebanon doesn't seem to be subsiding, and the Russian foreign minister holds meetings in Washington.

Daily Memo: North Korean Threats, NATO Friction, the Endless Trade War

North Korea tells the U.S. it's running out of time to negotiate, and NATO members meet in London.

Forecast Tracker: 2019 November Update

A Cycle Ends The U.S. and China will reach a deal on trade, but it won’t end the trade war. On track Washington’s willingness to settle for a less ambitious trade deal was a major turning point in the trade war. All that’s left now for the two sides is to work out the mechanics […]

Daily Memo: Poland’s Economic Plans, India’s Economic Woes, Estonia’s Defense Concerns

India and Poland take different approaches to bad economic news.

What We’re Reading: The Bin Ladens and the Bees

Weekly reviews of what's on our bookshelves.

Daily Memo: Pakistan and Iran, the US and South Korea, Russia...

Pakistan's army chief meets with the Iranian president, and the U.S. walks out on talks with South Korea.

Daily Memo: Hong Kong Clashes, Iranian Unrest, US-South Korea Drills

Protests in Hong Kong escalated over the weekend, and Iran is reeling from demonstrations over fuel price hikes.

Daily Memo: Indian Industry, Ukrainian Concerns, Israeli Defense

India's industry sector shows signs of decline, and Ukraine raises concerns of increasing coziness between Russia and Europe.