An Opportunity for the US and Venezuela

The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the current energy crisis and the looming economic recession are disrupting the geopolitical world order, even in...

A Small Window for the US and Cuba

The war in Ukraine is a truly global conflict. Citizens of faraway regions may not themselves be in physical danger, but any country that...

Chile Proposes a New Constitution

On Sept. 4, Chileans will vote on a new constitution. The referendum is the culmination of a three-year effort to write a new social...

No Break With the US After Colombian Election

Colombia has elected a new president, and the moment of truth has arrived. The most remarkable thing about the Colombian election was not the...

Exerting Economic Influence in Latin America

(click to enlarge) In recent years, the U.S. has leaned more heavily on using economic engagement and economic warfare to exert influence over other countries....

Diesel Supplies and Food

Diesel supplies appear to be the next casualty of global energy disruptions. In fact, they started the year in a weak position, thanks to...

The Global Economy Rebounds, Stumbles Again

(click to enlarge) Economic data for the past two years – that is, the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic – has finally been processed and...

Latin America in a Time of Transition

The world is in a transition period, leaving the post-Cold War era, which began in 1991, and entering a new era. This transition period...

Argentina’s Once and Future Friend

The U.S. and Argentina have had a complicated and often sour relationship over the past 50 years. The U.S. backed violent political repression in...

Bringing Venezuela in From the Cold

For years, U.S.-Venezuelan relations have alternated between saber-rattling and quiet contempt, but a war on the other side of the world could change that....

New Political Strategies in a New Economic Order

At several debates I’ve attended since the beginning of the year – and in several responses I’ve received from readers – one question is...

Venezuela Could Be the Next Front in the US-Russian Standoff

When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers. Few understand this better than Latin America, which has been drawn into disputes between great powers...

The World in 2022

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see,” Winston Churchill once quipped. Predicating expectations of the future on an understanding...

The US Can’t Take Canada for Granted

There are no guarantees in geopolitics, but stability in the U.S.-Canadian relationship certainly comes close. However, a recent ruling by a panel under the...

Globalization After the Pandemic

We enter 2022 with the same hope that we had as we entered 2021: that the pandemic will end soon. This time, we will...

2021 Year-End Review

(click to enlarge) Scale: Hit, Partial Hit, Inconclusive, Partial Miss, Miss Global The defining feature of 2021 will be insularity. Countries will simply be too consumed with...

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Eurasia in Crisis


Colonial governance, production systems and transportations routes heavily shaped the economic and political development of the region well in to its post-colonial era of independence.

The Western Hemisphere has been dominated by the United States since the start of the 20th Century.

South America has struggled to produce a regional leader partly because no single country embodies the necessary qualities to become one. Brazil has the most potential, thanks to the size of its of territory, population, natural resource deposits and economy. Argentina is a counterweight to Brazilian influence in.

The modern governments are actually young and relatively inexperienced democracies. They are still refining their social contracts with their citizens.

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Required Reads: The Americas

From our 2022 Forecast...

The U.S. will rely on public-private efforts to secure its influence in the region. It will also welcome economic engagements from allied nations like Japan or South Korea.

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Daily Memo: Protests and Exercises

More protests in China. Another protest took place in the Chinese manufacturing hub of Guangzhou on Tuesday night. Police eventually dispersed the demonstrators. Today,...

Turkey Is Drowning in Opportunity

In nearly every direction, Turkey’s strategic environment is presenting opportunities for Ankara. The Turks particularly stand to benefit from the parallel crises facing Russia...

Daily Memo: Syrian Kurds Worried About a Turkish Offensive

Appealing for help. A commander with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces reportedly met with the head of Russian forces in Syria to discuss a...

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