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Daily Memo: Indian Industry, Ukrainian Concerns, Israeli Defense

India's industry sector shows signs of decline, and Ukraine raises concerns of increasing coziness between Russia and Europe.

Daily Memo: Bolivian Political Uncertainty, a Slew of Sanctions, Chinese Market Distortion

Bolivia's president resigns, and the U.S. and EU threaten new sanctions.

In the US, a Farm Bankruptcy Bulge

Across the U.S. agriculture industry, Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings for farms have increased 24 percent over the past year.

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China’s President Is in Trouble

The Chinese president has failed to manage the country’s relationship with its most important trade partner.

The Origins of New US-Turkish Relations

For several years, there has been a significant shift underway in U.S. strategy toward the Middle East, where Washington has consistently sought to avoid combat. The United States is now compelled to seek accommodation with Turkey, a regional power in its own right, based...

The New US Strategy to Remove Maduro in Venezuela

The Venezuelan president is motivated now more than ever to accept a transition deal.