Ekaterina Zolotova

Ekaterina Zolotova is an analyst for Geopolitical Futures. Prior to Geopolitical Futures, Ms. Zolotova participated in several research projects devoted to problems and prospects of Russia’s integration into the world economy. Ms. Zolotova has a specialist degree in international economic relations from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. In addition, Ms. Zolotova studied international trade and international integration processes. Her thesis was on features of economic development of Venezuela. She speaks native Russian and is fluent in English.

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New Strategic Documents Preserve Belarus’ Options

At the end of April, Belarus updated its Military Doctrine and its National Security Concept to respond to urgent security threats, regional volatility and its neighbors’ military buildups. The Kremlin hailed the documents as marking the end of Minsk’s traditional balancing strategy in favor of full alignment with Moscow. Though there is truth to this […]

Rocket Launch Exposes Russia’s Technology Gaps

Russia on Thursday successfully test-launched a heavy-lift rocket called the Angara-A5, its first space rocket developed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Though the Kremlin has touted it...

An Attack in Moscow

On the evening of March 22, unidentified armed assailants attacked the Crocus concert hall in Moscow. They entered the building after shooting the security guards and, according to the...

To Plug Russia’s Fiscal Gap, Something Has to Give

The Russian government is working on a plan to introduce a progressive taxation system in order to plug the growing budget gap. Ahead of presidential elections last weekend, Vladimir...

The West Makes Its Case for the Green Transition in Central Asia

Uzbek media reported last week that the United States and Uzbekistan are working on a plan to turn the latter into a green hydrogen hub. The U.S. Agency for...

The Limits of Russian-North Korean Relations

Some 100 Russian citizens visited North Korea this month, stopping at the capital of Pyongyang before braving the slopes of a nearby ski resort. Also in February, a delegation...

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Population Density of Canada

Canada is one of those countries where a vast land mass obscures the fact that the country has a relatively small population. While Canada is the second largest country in the world, its 35 million inhabitants make Canada only the 39th most populated country.

Live Updates on Ukraine War

All times are approximate local time in Kyiv (GMT+2). Friday, March 11 11:30 a.m.: The EU's foreign policy chief said the bloc would double its spending...

How the Ukraine War Will Likely End

As we consider how the war in Ukraine will end, we must first understand how it began. Russia invaded for geostrategic reasons – having...

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