Israel/Palestine Conflict

The fighting that erupted between Israel and Hamas on Oct. 7 was no ordinary flare-up. It shattered the relative calm observed in the Middle East over the past few of years – a result of Israel’s efforts to reclaim its international status; of Iran’s efforts to reconcile with its neighbors; and of new alignments slowly forming among erstwhile enemies. Regional leadership and power dynamics are directly at stake, as is the potential shape of the Middle East itself.

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The State of the Israeli-Gaza Conflict

The origins of the modern Arab-Israeli conflict are pretty well known. Gaza, the narrow strip of land running to the Sinai Peninsula, was originally...

The Drumbeat of War in the Middle East

Threats of impending war have permeated the Middle East since Israel’s establishment in 1948. Though Egypt made peace with Israel in 1978 and Jordan...

The Eclipse of the Palestinian Question

Until the 1970s, the Palestinian question had preoccupied the Arab world since the creation of Israel in 1948. Public figures and ordinary Arabs were...

West Bank Violence Stalls Arab-Israeli Normalization

Last month, three senior U.S. officials visited Israel and the Palestinian Territories to try to avert a third Palestinian intifada. National Security Adviser Jake...

Special Collection on the Middle East

This complete work consists of several dozen essays spread out over 8 parts tackling the region’s conflicts and historical evolution, relating them to contemporary issues. Divided into distinct regions and critical issues, the Special Collection of the Middle East is your source to better understand this volatile region and to be prepared for what comes next.

Recent Analysis: Israel & Palestine

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Daily Memo: New US Sanctions, Armenian Withdrawal

More sanctions on Moscow. The United States on Wednesday expanded sanctions against Russia, introducing more than 300 new restrictions aimed at deterring individuals and...

Daily Memo: Israel Launches Airstrike in Lebanon, Armenia Drifts to Western Allies

Escalation. Israel launched airstrikes in Lebanon that killed four Hezbollah officials, Israel Defense Forces confirmed on Wednesday. One of the officials was the most...

Daily Memo: Turkey in Syria, al-Qaida in Afghanistan

Turkish interference. Turkey has been negotiating with Russia and Iran to cancel elections in Kurdish-controlled northeastern Syria, the Turkiye Gazetesi newspaper reported. According to...

Saudi Arabia’s Quest for Peace With Israel

Saudi Arabia has always sought peace with Israel, although it dreaded the consequences of publicizing its intent. In 1965, the Arab public ridiculed Tunisian...

Daily Memo: Azerbaijani Demands for Armenia, US Warns for Israel

New condition. Establishing peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia would require changes to the Armenian constitution, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting of...

Daily Memo: China Pushes Its Plan for Ukraine

International buy-in? Russia and Ukraine have affirmed most of the contents of China’s “six-point consensus” on how to resolve the Ukraine war, Chinese Foreign Minister...

Daily Memo: Clearance for Ukrainian Strikes in Russia, Turkey Gets Suspicious

War and peace. China will not join the Swiss peace conference on Ukraine due to significant differences between the summit's conditions and China's demands,...

Egypt, Caught in the Crossfire

On May 27, an Egyptian border guard was fatally shot at the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. According to a...

Daily Memo: Developments in Israel

Cairo's involvment. According to a CNN report, Egypt secretly changed the terms of a deal agreed to by Israel earlier this month that could...

Daily Memo: Gazprom in Trouble, EU-Moldova Deal

Deepening cracks. The Russian government issued a decree instructing state-owned energy firm Gazprom not to pay dividends for 2023. Earlier this month, Gazprom reported...

Daily Memo: China Targets US Firms, Israel’s Gantz Issues Ultimatum

Backlash from Beijing. China’s Ministry of Commerce added three U.S. companies to its list of “unreliable entities” for selling arms to Taiwan. Boeing and...

Daily Memo: China and Russia Discuss Sanctions Workarounds, Military Ties

No limits. China and Russia will create the financial infrastructure to sanction-proof payments between their countries, expand the scale of joint military exercises and...

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The Changing Landscape of Threats | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman and Rear Admiral Doug Fears

Geopolitical and national security threats are constantly changing and evolving, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. In this ClubGPF live discussion, Rear Admiral (ret) Douglas Fears, Former U.S. Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor to the President joined GPF Chairman George Friedman to discuss a wide range of threats from cyber to denial of service, malign influences in social media and ballistic missile defense.

Turmoil in the Middle East | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman and Hilal Khashan

Middle East expert Hilal Khashan wrote in his January 23rd piece titled ‘The Middle East as a Powder Keg’ that resolving the region’s issues will be on hold pending resolution of the conflict in Gaza. In a recent ClubGPF live discussion, Dr. Khashan was joined by GPF Chairman George Friedman to discuss current conditions, why Israel is reluctant to make any kind of deal, and what a Palestinian state could look like if one was created.

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