India’s Trade With Iran

India has been keen to expand into Iran, where an Indian firm is developing a deep-water port in the southern coastal town of Chabahar. New Delhi has invested nearly $34 billion in the project.

Where China Is Detaining the Uighurs

The central government is holding nearly 1 million members of the Muslim minority group in camps around Xinjiang province for ‘re-education.’

A New Route From Asia to Europe

Last month, Maersk, one of the world’s largest logistics firms, sailed a cargo ship from Asia to Europe through a route north of Russia for the first time. The melting Arctic ice has opened up new possibilities for the shipping industry.

Bolivia Remains Landlocked

The International Criminal Court in The Hague ruled this week against Bolivia’s claim that Chile must negotiate access to the Pacific Ocean for the landlocked country. Bolivia lost its access following the War of the Pacific.

The King of Cobalt

The Democratic Republic of Congo has as much cobalt reserves as the rest of the world combined.

Anatomy of a Chinese Debt Trap

The cautionary tale of how Sri Lanka ended up ceding control – and an unclear degree of sovereignty – over 15,000 acres of land around a deepwater port to a Chinese state-owned firm for 99 years.

Yemen: War in the Time of Cholera

The fighting has discouraged reconstruction efforts, leaving much of the population at risk of disease.

Key Players in Libya

Violence in Libya had been relatively contained prior to the recent clashes. That could change if we are on the brink of European military intervention.

As the Economy Dips, Venezuelans Flee

Venezuela is facing an economic crisis. Its currency has plummeted, oil revenue has dropped and inflation has skyrocketed. Shortages of food and medicine have been widely reported. Now Venezuelans are fleeing to other countries in Latin America to escape the crisis. These countries are struggling to cope, and some have even asked for international aid to help manage the surge in migrants.

The European Union: Divided on Brexit

EU members have different visions for the bloc’s future relationship with the U.K.