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Thanksgiving is a family holiday. For our family it is truly a family holiday, for my wife, Meredith, is a descendent of William Bradford,...

Brief: With Long-Range Bombers, the US Sends a Message

Background: The United States is trying to make good on its plans to reduce its global military footprint. At least partial troop withdrawals have...

The Event that Triggered US Maritime Supremacy

On Nov. 11, 1940, the British Royal Navy set the stage for the United States becoming the dominant naval power in the world. It...

Brief: Tensions Flare in Iraq Again

Background: Tensions heightened earlier this year after the United States killed Qassem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary...

What Russia Expects From the Next US President

Though legal challenges remain, Joe Biden seems as though he will be the next U.S. president. Russia is in no hurry to congratulate him...

Biden’s Dilemma

The election is over, and barring major fraud or error, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. He begins as...

For the US and China, There’s No Going Back

For months leading up to the U.S. election, there was no shortage of speculation over who Beijing would prefer to have in the White...

The Illusion of Foreign Policy

No matter who becomes America’s next president, certain things will follow. The world will wonder what President Donald Trump’s foreign policy will be in...

Brief: Why the US Wants to Give F-35s to the UAE

Background: The United States has helped Israel maintain its military superiority in the Arab-Israeli conflict for about as long as there has been an...

A Different Election

In less than a week, the United States will elect a president for the 59th time in its history. This one, as others before...

The Geopolitics of the United States

The United States needed to expand west to the Pacific coast in order to ensure strategic depth, generate economic activity and development and reduce the presence of any threat on its western front.

The rich agriculture area between the Rockies and Appalachian Mountains has an intricate river system favorable for exports through New Orleans Port via the Mississippi River.

North America can only be threatened from the sea and therefore control of the seas plays an important element of American strategy.

After the Soviet Union fell, the United States had no strategic challenger. The US remains the world’s super power and actively works to prevent the emergence of any potential regional power that could one day challenge it.

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From our 2020 Forecast...

The economic downturn will intensify the social crisis in the United States, compounding the ongoing political crisis.

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Thanksgiving is a family holiday. For our family it is truly a family holiday, for my wife, Meredith, is a descendent of William Bradford,...

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