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Editor's note: To mark the American Thanksgiving holiday, we are republishing this article, originally released in 2020. Thanksgiving is a family holiday. For our family...

New US Barriers Against Russia’s Economy

Harvest festivals are not unusual around the world, but the American holiday of Thanksgiving is in a league of its own. Over time it...

Ominous Explosions in Poland

Days after a humiliating withdrawal from the city of Kherson, Russia launched a massive missile strike across Ukraine. There are widespread power outages in...

The Future of US-China Relations

Earlier this week, the G-20 summit opened in Indonesia, during which the long-awaited meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping...


The United States has asked Ukraine to be open to negotiations with Russia, according to a report that was likely carefully leaked by U.S....

For France, Working With Russia Is Expensive

The worst day for France’s grand European vision was Feb. 24 as Russia invaded Ukraine, but a close second came a few weeks earlier,...

To Change the World, China Must Change

Over the past month, I have spoken at several conferences about the challenges that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent economic war pose...

Still a Unipolar World

In recent weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the United States is trying to impose a new world order, one designed to control...

An Opportunity for the US and Venezuela

The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the current energy crisis and the looming economic recession are disrupting the geopolitical world order, even in...

On Geoeconomics: Systemic Challenges

It’s no secret that central banks and governments the world over are dealing with rising inflation and economic uncertainty, both of which need to...

Daily Memo: Washington Makes Headway in Central Asia

The U.S. in Central Asia. The United States is in talks with the governments of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to allow both countries to keep...

The Limits of the Israeli-Chinese Partnership

In recent weeks, observers have pointed to an apparent strengthening of relations between Israel and China. A new center for research on Israeli-Chinese relations,...

1991: False Dawn

Editor’s note: Last February, Russia invaded Ukraine in what was merely the newest iteration of Russia’s timeless struggle for strategic depth. In doing so,...

Daily Memo: Belarus Launches Military Drills

Drills near Poland. Belarus announced new military exercises to take place at its Brest training ground, near the Polish border, as well as in...

America’s Institutional Crisis

In my latest book, “The Storm Before the Calm,” I predicted that the U.S. would go through a massive social crisis in the 2020s....

The Permanence of War and Peace

Last week my friend and colleague, Jacek Bartosiak, wrote a piece for GPF titled “The Scalable World War Ahead,” in which he warned that...

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Eurasia in Crisis


The Geopolitics of the United States

The United States needed to expand west to the Pacific coast in order to ensure strategic depth, generate economic activity and development and reduce the presence of any threat on its western front.

The rich agriculture area between the Rockies and Appalachian Mountains has an intricate river system favorable for exports through New Orleans Port via the Mississippi River.

North America can only be threatened from the sea and therefore control of the seas plays an important element of American strategy.

After the Soviet Union fell, the United States had no strategic challenger. The US remains the world’s super power and actively works to prevent the emergence of any potential regional power that could one day challenge it.

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From our 2022 Forecast...

The United States is entering a period of domestic disorder that will last a decade or so. The crisis will not affect U.S. foreign policy, even if it looks like it will.

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Eurasia in Crisis

Demonstrations against Beijing’s zero-COVID policy have surged in the past week, with people voicing their frustration at not only the lockdown measures but also...

Daily Memo: Chinese Protests, Venezuelan Oil

Anger over zero-COVID. Widespread protests against China's strict COVID-19 containment measures erupted across the country on Sunday. In Beijing and Shanghai, the demonstrations turned...

Understanding Iranian Politics

Following weeks of widespread protests, many speculate that the Iranian regime is facing imminent collapse. But this isn’t new; since 1979, foreign observers and...

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