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America’s Iran Strategy

President Barack Obama’s administration had a primary goal in the Middle East: It did not want Iran to become a nuclear power. It did...

Texas Weather

Somewhere I heard the saying that climate is what you expect, and weather is what you get. I live in Texas and we certainly...

Brief: Blackouts Highlight Mexico’s Energy Dilemma

Background: The Mexican economy’s high dependency on the U.S. economy is a double-edged sword. On one hand, having close ties to the biggest economy...

Speculating on China and Cuba

From a military standpoint, China is in a difficult position. It is a trading power and needs access to the global oceans. Its significant...

Brief: A New US Military Base in Syria

Background: For years, the Trump administration sought to reduce the scope of the United States’ military presence around the world, decreasing deployments and withdrawing...

Brief: Biden’s China Strategy Is Taking Shape

Background: The U.S. is virtually unmatched in its military, economic and diplomatic power, but over the past five years or so, it’s had to...

Brief: Philippines and Cambodia Do a Little Balancing

Background: Southeast Asia is the fulcrum of U.S. strategy in the Indo-Pacific and the great impediment to Chinese strategic imperatives both in the region...

Brief: Black Sea Drills

Background: The Black Sea’s strategic importance as a transportation hub makes it a point of contention between Russia and NATO, as well as nearby...

Biden’s First Middle East Moves

Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden took two steps in the Middle East. The first was that he notified Congress of his intention to...

The Importance of Key West

I am writing this from Key West in Florida because after a year my wife decided I needed to get out of the house...

The Geopolitics of the United States

The United States needed to expand west to the Pacific coast in order to ensure strategic depth, generate economic activity and development and reduce the presence of any threat on its western front.

The rich agriculture area between the Rockies and Appalachian Mountains has an intricate river system favorable for exports through New Orleans Port via the Mississippi River.

North America can only be threatened from the sea and therefore control of the seas plays an important element of American strategy.

After the Soviet Union fell, the United States had no strategic challenger. The US remains the world’s super power and actively works to prevent the emergence of any potential regional power that could one day challenge it.

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From our 2020 Forecast...

The economic downturn will intensify the social crisis in the United States, compounding the ongoing political crisis.

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Daily Memo: US Orders Supply Chain Review

U.S. supply chain review. The White House ordered a comprehensive review of U.S. supply chain vulnerabilities related to overdependence on China. The process, which...

Mexico’s Energy Conundrum

Last week, ice storms disrupted natural gas supplies to Mexico and so revived an existential question over how energy independent the country can and...

Brief: EU Recovery Worries

Background: Last year, the European Union approved the 672.5 billion-euro ($815 billion) Recovery and Resilience Facility to help member states recover from the impact...

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