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From Pandemic to Pan-shortages

With some notable and grave exceptions, the COVID-19 crisis is winding down for much of the world. But as it does, another problem is...

Brief: China Tests the Philippines and US Red Lines

Background: The Philippines’ importance lies in its geography, located in the middle of what’s known as the first island chain, giving it – or,...

Anzac Day, Memorial Day and the Geopolitics of a Friendship

In history, and in the history of my family, Memorial Day and Anzac Day are intimately bound. On Memorial Day, which comes next month,...

Brief: Stray Fire Near Israel’s Nuclear Facility

Background: The United States and Iran are openly trying to return, in some fashion, to the Iran nuclear agreement. Israel – a long-time ally...

Uruguay in the Spotlight

After a comparatively hands-off approach to Latin America after the Cold War, the United States is in the process of reengaging with the region....

Remembering al-Qaida

The United States invaded Afghanistan 20 years ago, soon after the attack on Sept. 11, 2001. By 2008, then-President Barack Obama made it a...

Brief: Assassination Plot in Belarus

Background: Despite massive protests against his reelection last August, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and his regime clung to power and continue to suppress critics....

The Unlikelihood of a War With China and Russia

Much has been made of China’s seemingly unending potential to invade Taiwan – nearly as much as Russia’s buildup near Ukraine, which many believe...

The Myth of a Rules-Based World

Two concepts have been constantly used in discussions of international relations of late. One is a liberal international order and the second is a...

Daily Memo: US Navy in Indian Waters, Germany Negotiates for Russian Vaccine

U.S. Navy in Indian waters. A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer on Wednesday conducted a freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) inside India’s exclusive economic zone...

Brief: China in the Spratlys

Background: Southeast Asia is the fulcrum of U.S. strategy in the Indo-Pacific and the great impediment to Chinese strategic imperatives both in the region...

Brief: Russian Influence in the Caribbean

Background: For the United States, the Caribbean Basin plays a critical role in securing maritime access that serves its commercial and defense purposes. Though...

Australia’s Role in America’s War With China, Part 2

Perhaps America’s greatest operational advantage over China – should a war ever start between them – is the superiority of its submarines. Submarines are...

Why Mexico Belongs in North America


Aug. 3, 2016 Its geopolitical reality is not consistent with its categorization as a Latin American country.

How the Tech War Is Driving the US and EU Together

Earlier this month, the United States and the European Union warned of the need to protect themselves against competition from China in key technologies....

Brief: North Korea’s New Weapons Test?

Background: North Korea’s missile development and nuclear program and its relationship with China keep the U.S. on guard on the Korean Peninsula. By positioning...

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The Geopolitics of the United States

The United States needed to expand west to the Pacific coast in order to ensure strategic depth, generate economic activity and development and reduce the presence of any threat on its western front.

The rich agriculture area between the Rockies and Appalachian Mountains has an intricate river system favorable for exports through New Orleans Port via the Mississippi River.

North America can only be threatened from the sea and therefore control of the seas plays an important element of American strategy.

After the Soviet Union fell, the United States had no strategic challenger. The US remains the world’s super power and actively works to prevent the emergence of any potential regional power that could one day challenge it.

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From our 2021 Forecast...

Washington is now engaged in a massive redefinition of its foreign policy. The growing selectivity of American involvement will be the primary reality of 2021, even if the rhetoric does not match it.

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Daily Memo: Chile’s Surprise Vote, China’s Slowing Recovery

Independents prevail. Chilean voters headed to the polls on Sunday to elect the 155-member constituent assembly charged with writing the country’s next constitution. With...

Russia Stays Out of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel and the Palestinian territories are engaged in their most intense bout of fighting in years, and there’s a major power not too far...

Understanding the Five Eyes

What does intelligence cooperation look like in an increasingly technological world? Christian Smith, Allison Fedirka, and Phillip Orchard discuss the mysteries and misunderstandings about the world’s foremost intelligence alliance.

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