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Yahoo News: Does America Need Moral Presidents?

The late 1980s and early 1990s were characterized by overblown fears about the resurgence of Japan and Germany. There was even a popular volume by George Friedman called, The Coming War with Japan. Full story

American Council on Science and Health: Will The Coronavirus Forge A Brave New World?

There are already reports that the coronavirus is making a comeback, from Beijing to California. Once again, we may not know the exact timing or scope of the second wave, but Mother Nature’s patterns tell us that we should be planning for one. - Alex Berezow Full story

CIRSD Horizons Discussion: Pandemics & Geopolitics - The Quickening

The world is going through trying times, and America especially is also going through a period of cultural upheaval. What's really going on in the U.S. and how will countries most impacted by the pandemic find their way out? - with GPF Chairman George Friedman and Rawi Abdelal Full interview

Forbes: The Corona Depression Is Here

"A depression changes the existential reality of daily life. The financial, business, and job consequences are only the beginning." - George Friedman Full story

MarketWatch: ‘We Are Not Even Close to the End.’ America Faces Another Economic and Social Upheaval and Once Again It Includes Race

The 2020s will be a decade of crisis, instability and transformation for the U.S. - George Friedman Full story

American Council on Science and Health: Mother Nature as a Geopolitical Force

What if Mother Nature plays just as large a role in shaping the course of human events as mankind? After all, any force that compels specific actions by nation-states is necessarily geopolitical. - Alex Berezow Full story

RealClearWorld: From China to India

U.S.-China relations have been in decline for a long time. The United States had for years provided China with relatively free access to the American market. The United States wanted equivalent access to the Chinese market, but China was unable to grant this. - George Friedman Full story

CIRSD: The Coronavirus Crisis and Geopolitical Impact

Much of what we say about the virus is universal, and there are commonalities in the response, but ultimately each nation’s response must be understood on its own terms. - George Friedman Full story

Bloomberg Markets: Geopolitical Futures' Friedman on U.S. Protests

This is not something we haven’t gone through before. The tragedy of it all is this is part of American culture. - Geopolitical Futures' Chairman George Friedman on the widespread George Floyd protests Full story

CNBC: In a Post-Coronavirus World, China Looks Set to Grow while the Rest of the World Contracts

“'China’s problem is this. There are two Chinas. One is the first world cities that we see and go to. The rest is a third-world country,' George Friedman, chairman of Geopolitical Futures..." Full story
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