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L'Express: Les Idiots Utiles Dont Indispensables aux Mensonges de Poutine, par George Friedman

Les Russes sincèrement convaincus par la désinformation jouent un rôle essentiel : ils garantissent la survie du système, estime le fondateur de Geopolitical Futures. Full story

Euractiv: Caution Is Required When Waging an Economic War

“As momentous as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is, the most strategically important event in recent weeks was the global economic war between Russia and the US and its allies." - GPF COO Antonia Colibasanu Full story

RealClearWorld: The World and a Small War

The war in Ukraine is having reverberations around the world. There are many reverberations to discuss. Today we'll focus on three areas: Poland and Turkey taking on greater significance as a result of the war, and China losing significance. - George Friedman Full story

MarketWatch: Putin Has Launched the First Economic World War, and the EU and the West are His Targets

Russia has been preparing to confront the West since at least the early 2000s. And now, the world is witnessing its first economic world war of the modern era as sanctions pile on Russia in response to its attack on Ukraine. - Antonia Colibasanu Full story

RealClearDefense: Time For Putin’s Hail Mary Pass

Alexander Dvornikov isn’t exactly a household name, but it could be soon. He’s the Russian general President Vladimir Putin has put in charge of the war in Ukraine after what can generously be described as a disappointing start for Moscow. - George Friedman Full story

MarketWatch: This Global-Conflict Expert Sees a Bleak End for the Ukraine War and for Putin

Geopolitical strategist George Friedman: Putin will continue to fight until he is forced out. Full story

Bloomberg Market Asia: Allison Fedirka on Ukraine War Ramifications

Geopolitical Futures Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka says the war has dramatic ramifications on the geopolitical system that reach far beyond the parties in direct military conflict. She speaks to Rishaad Salamat and Haslinda Amin on "Bloomberg Market Asia". Full story

The National: Russia's Inability to Conquer Ukraine is Proof of Terminal Decline, George Friedman Claims

The war in Ukraine is proof that Russia is a diminishing global power, said a leading geopolitical forecaster speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Russia’s inability to be able to conquer Ukraine and take the city of Kyiv showed it was not the force of old, said George Friedman. Full story

RealClearWorld: Learning Lessons From the War in Ukraine

The most important strategic lesson so far in the Russian invasion of Ukraine has nothing to do with Russia or Ukraine. The United States has demonstrated that perhaps the most powerful weapon in the world is the weaponized dollar. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearWorld: Evaluating Russia's Performance in Ukraine

The Russians expected shock and awe to break Ukraine’s will to resist. The shock was dissipated by the loss of surprise. The awe was limited by Russia’s inability to concentrate strategic force, and ultimately by Ukraine’s mobilization of its population as a resistance force. - George Friedman Full story  
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