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Real Clear World - The Resurrection of Scottish Foreign Policy

From a Scottish perspective, Brexit is a threat to its national identity. Fearing that Scotland would be forced to leave the EU against its will, Scottish leaders have been finding ways to forge increasingly independent foreign relations. - Jacob L. Shapiro Full story

Real Clear World - Command of the Seas

Command of the sea is the foundation of American national security. Just as this command shifted from the sea to the air, it is now shifting from the air into space. It does not change the core geopolitics, but it does transform war. - George Friedman Full story

Real Clear World - No, This Isn't Hong Kong's Tiananmen Moment

If Beijing appears paralyzed on what to do beyond issuing veiled threats and condemnations, that’s because it’s following its tried-and-true playbook for managing Hong Kong. - Phillip Orchard Full story

The Epoch Times - Sino-US Tech War Allows Hong Kong to Regain Leverage Over Beijing

"With the financial boom that followed China’s entry into the World Trade Organization and the rise of Shenzhen and Shanghai as global technology supply chain centers, the emboldened central authorities began using a heavier hand 'to prevent Hong Kong’s autonomy from being exploited by dissidents, political opponents, uncooperative tycoons, and media muckrakers to destabilize the mainland,' according to Geopolitical Futures." Full story

Business Day - SA’s place in the fourth industrial revolution

Given the increasing focus on how SA can position itself to take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution, Business Day TV spoke to the founder of Geopolitical Futures, George Friedman, for his take on the challenges and opportunities. Full interview

Real Clear World - Socialism and Capitalism

Socialism is a global political movement that emerged from the French Revolution. In all of its guises, it has been a powerful political force in most of the world. In the United States, however, it has been relegated to the political margins, seen largely as alien to the American ethos. - George Friedman Full story

Newsweek - Hong Kong Protests: What Happens Now After 50 Injured in Protests at Government Headquarters?

"...Jacob Shapiro, director of analysis at Geopolitical Futures, told Newsweek that protesters would have a more difficult time moving forward, as the highly controversial extradition law has been suspended. 'This was a much smaller group, albeit in the thousands, with more radical views and willing to engage in a certain degree of violence to see those views through,' Shapiro said." Full story

Cicero - A Trip to Romania

Russia’s ability to regain its geopolitical balance remains a threat to Romania, and the source of the only real threat to the region. A Russian sense of vulnerability can cause it, or other nations, to take risks they shouldn’t. - George Friedman Full story

Lint Center - The Lint Center Announces Generous Donation from Geopolitical Futures

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit organization established to promote and advance the academic and professional preparation of America’s next generation National Security and Counterintelligence workforce, is pleased to announce a generous donation from Geopolitical Futures, a successful global forecasting organization rooted in geopolitical analysis and risk assessment. Full story

Bloomberg Markets - Global Tensions Escalate

Iran will either make some political concessions, or it's going to remain in an impossible position, or it's going to strike. - Geopolitical Futures' Chairman George Friedman via Bloomberg Markets: What'd You Miss. Interview begins at 16:40. Full episode