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RealClearWorld: Is This Uzbekistan’s Time?

In our 2019 Annual Forecast, we said we expected Uzbekistan to challenge Kazakhstan as the dominant power in Central Asia. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed any progress toward that end, but now that the world seems to be getting past the worst of it, and especially now that Afghanistan is destabilizing again as the U.S. withdraws, the environment seems ripe for Uzbekistan to make a move. - Ekaterina Zolotova Full story

El Herald de Mexico: México-EEUU: ¿nuevo trato?

"'Si bien las iniciativas de México pueden no tener el mismo impacto en el hemisferio que las de Washington, son suficientes para mostrarle a Estados Unidos que México puede hacer del hemisferio un lugar más incómodo y difícil para Washington cuando se reúnan para conversar sobre su larga lista de diferencias', comentó la analista Allison Fedirka, de Geopolitical Futures." Full story

Cicero: Projekt „Blaue Heimat“

Die Türkei tritt im östlichen Mittelmeerraum zunehmend aggressiv auf – es geht um Gasvorkommen, den Zypern-Konflikt und um geostrategische Ziele. Wegen der Pandemie hat sich die Situation weiter verschärft, die Gefahr einer Eskalation ist groß. Erdogan will sein Land als regionale Supermacht etablieren. - Antonia Colibasanu Full story

Limes: Le quattro virtù di Aristotele

La geopolitica deve essere saggia per distinguere quando perseguire la giustizia con coraggio e quando essere prudente. Full story

RealClearWorld: Scotland’s Complicated Quest for Independence

The current calls for Scottish independence should be seen less as a real push for sovereignty and more as political bargaining with London. After all, Scotland understands full well that the Commonwealth is critical for London – perhaps now more than ever. - Antonia Colibasanu Full story

RealClearWorld: Critical Theory

The resurrection of critical theory takes political issues as merely a means of transforming the psyche. The object has been to change what we think and how we organize our thoughts. We must recognize the corruption in our minds so our lives can change. - George Friedman Full story

Euractiv: Biden’s Visit: What Does it Mean to Rejoin Europe?

Given that Europe is not inclined to make the painful decisions that a modernized relationship requires, it is hard to understand what a return to Europe means, except for having dinner with some interesting people. - George Friedman Full story

Euractiv: How the Competition Against China Could Improve NATO

Allowing the US to focus its military resources in the Pacific requires a division of labor within NATO that requires the Europeans to take responsibility for the defense of their continent - Antonia Colibasanu Full story

BNN Bloomberg: Geopolitical Futures on Biden's Europe Trip, NATO Meeting, China's Military Might

George Friedman discusses President Biden’s summit trip to Europe and Beijing's growing military might, which was one of the top items on the agenda at the NATO summit in Brussels. Friedman speaks on "Bloomberg Markets: Asia." Full interview

JORNAL ECONÓMICO: A Maior Corrida do Mundo é Pelo Controlo da Inteligência Artificial

“As interconexões económicas criam dependências. Quanto mais um país depende de outro, mais o seu poder enfraquece e este é o caso da China no comércio com os EUA”, diz Antonia Colibasanu, analista e administradora responsável pelas operações na Geopolitical Futures. Full story
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