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RealClearWorld: China Stares Down a Financial Reckoning

In China, financial regulators need to tread carefully when implementing new de-risking measures. Move too fast, and the private sector may face a credit crunch. Move too slow, and household savings and real estate will take hits. - Phillip Orchard Full story

Index: Magyarország nem Oszt, nem Szoroz, az Európaiak Gyerekesek

Ezek az országok számítanak nekünk, Magyarország viszont nem akart részt venni ebben a konzorciumban – mondta az Indexnek adott interjúban George Friedman. Full story

Bloomberg Markets: Biden Has to Take Tough Position on China, Friedman Says

George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, discusses the challenges President-elect Joe Biden is expected to face once he takes office. Full interview

RealClearWorld: How American Leadership Works

What has happened to American leadership? - George Friedman Full story

American Council on Science and Health: Cyberattacks as a Public Health Threat

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the extent to which cyberattack targets such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are attractive. It’s time to consider the geopolitical reality that cyberattacks can threaten public health and safety. - Alex Berezow Full story

RealClearWorld: Will U.S. Troops Return to Taiwan?

For the past several years, China has been going to exaggerated lengths to isolate Taiwan. But Taipei and Washington have been finding some subtle but pointed ways to make clear that the self-ruled island is not exactly alone. - Phillip Orchard Full story

RealClearWorld: The Stability of Foreign Policy Amid Political Chaos

There is a great tension between what is necessary for a nation’s foreign policy and what's necessary for its domestic politics. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearWorld: Seeking a Solution to Russia's Strategic Problem

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe in history. It is certainly true of modern Russian history because it cost Russia what it needs most: strategic depth. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearWorld: Japan’s Glacial Ascendance

For such a historic transition of power, the handover from Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving and most powerful postwar prime minister, to Yoshihide Suga was always going to be short on drama. - Phillip Orchard Full story

Leighton Smith Podcast Episode 84: Presidential Debates and Michael Bassett on NZ's Election

Geopolitical Futures’ George Friedman’s gives his perspective on the US election, and why he doesn’t watch Presidential debates. Full episode
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