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American Council on Science and Health: Cyberattacks as a Public Health Threat

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the extent to which cyberattack targets such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are attractive. It’s time to consider the geopolitical reality that cyberattacks can threaten public health and safety. - Alex Berezow Full story

RealClearWorld: Seeking a Solution to Russia's Strategic Problem

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe in history. It is certainly true of modern Russian history because it cost Russia what it needs most: strategic depth. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearWorld: Japan’s Glacial Ascendance

For such a historic transition of power, the handover from Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving and most powerful postwar prime minister, to Yoshihide Suga was always going to be short on drama. - Phillip Orchard Full story

Leighton Smith Podcast Episode 84: Presidential Debates and Michael Bassett on NZ's Election

Geopolitical Futures’ George Friedman’s gives his perspective on the US election, and why he doesn’t watch Presidential debates. Full episode

Sydney Morning Herald: What's Gone Wrong with the US - and Will It Ever Go Right Again?

“The Storm Before the Calm reads as if Nostradamus had cooperated with an economic historian to forecast the fate of the United States. Friedman believes that: ‘The United States periodically reaches a point of crisis in which it appears to be at war with itself, yet after an extended period it reinvents itself…’” Full story

RealClearWorld: Conflict in the Caucasus and a Changed US Strategy

During the Cold War, the United States opposed the Soviet Union wherever the Soviet Union sought to make inroads. Some interventions were necessary and therefore took place in obvious locales. Others such as Angola and Afghanistan were less so. - George Friedman Full story

Washington Examiner: US Travelers Still Cannot Visit Most European Union Member Countries

"While the list of excluded and allowed nations is not technically 'legally binding' on individual EU nations, 'Brussels has applied a lot of political pressure for its members not to act independently of the travel ban and welcome unlisted nationals.'" - Caroline Rose Full story

RealClearWorld: As Turkey’s Economy Goes, So Go Its Ambitions

Turkey’s economy is in dire straits. With little liquidity left and its largest banks on the brink of collapse, Ankara has realized that its current strategy of fueling economic growth through cheap borrowing cannot hold. - Caroline Rose Full story

RealClearWorld: Russia Plays It Cool With Belarus

On Sept. 23, Alexander Lukashenko officially took office as president of Belarus again. Anti-government protesters, already upset about what they consider a sham election, are even angrier. - Ekaterina Zolotova Full story

American Council on Science and Health: The Trouble With A Premature Vaccine

Hope is beginning to fade that the world will have a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine before the predicted “second wave” arrives. Despite an unprecedented global effort, a deliverable vaccine might still be months away. - Alex Berezow Full story
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