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L'Express: George Friedman : Dans l'art de paraître suicidaire, il n'y a pas plus expert que l'Iran

Pour Joe Biden, les négociations sur le nucléaire ne seront pas faciles, car les Iraniens sont maîtres dans l'art du bluff, estime le fondateur de Geopolitical Futures. Full story

RealClearWorld: B-52s in the Middle East

Last week, two B-52 bombers flew over the Middle East, the fourth time since Joe Biden became president of the United States. Washington said the flybys were due to instability in the region, but the subtext was very clearly about Iran. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearWorld: Reflections on Poland’s Alliances

During the Cold War the United States convinced West Germany and other allies that Washington would defend Western Europe even at the cost of a nuclear attack on the U.S. Will the American attitude be the same in the new strategic environment of the 21st century? - Jacek Bartosiak Full story

L'Express: George Friedman: Pourquoi il faut suivre attentivement ce qui se passe au Yémen

La menace d'un Yémen dominé par l'Iran est réelle, ce qui offrirait à Téhéran une position dominante au Moyen-Orient, estime le fondateur du site Geopolitical Futures. Full story

L'Express: George Friedman: Obama, Trump et Biden, c'est une seule et même politique internationale

Tout comme la logique fondamentale de l'ère Obama n'a pas bougé sous Trump, celle de Trump restera en place sous Biden, estime le fondateur du site Geopolitical Futures. Full story

RealClearWorld: China Stares Down a Financial Reckoning

In China, financial regulators need to tread carefully when implementing new de-risking measures. Move too fast, and the private sector may face a credit crunch. Move too slow, and household savings and real estate will take hits. - Phillip Orchard Full story

Index: Magyarország nem Oszt, nem Szoroz, az Európaiak Gyerekesek

Ezek az országok számítanak nekünk, Magyarország viszont nem akart részt venni ebben a konzorciumban – mondta az Indexnek adott interjúban George Friedman. Full story

Bloomberg Markets: Biden Has to Take Tough Position on China, Friedman Says

George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, discusses the challenges President-elect Joe Biden is expected to face once he takes office. Full interview

RealClearWorld: How American Leadership Works

What has happened to American leadership? - George Friedman Full story

American Council on Science and Health: Cyberattacks as a Public Health Threat

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the extent to which cyberattack targets such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are attractive. It’s time to consider the geopolitical reality that cyberattacks can threaten public health and safety. - Alex Berezow Full story
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