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RealClearDefense: The Fallout Over Taiwan

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan predictably sparked outrage in China, which responded by flexing its muscles through some not-at-all subtle military exercises. Why does Beijing care enough to deploy its fleet? - George Friedman Full story

RealClearDefense: In China, New Purges, New Targets

China’s restructuring of real estate giant Evergrande Group is not exactly going as planned. In mid-May, the company was on track to deliver a preliminary restructuring plan by the end of July that never materialized. Instead, the Chinese government has taken measures into its own hands. - Victoria Herczegh Full story

RealClearDefense: Russian Military Doctrine

The city of Lysychansk has fallen to Russia. Russia has the choice of accepting its recent victory as the culmination of the war or seeking total victory by seizing all of Ukraine. Before considering that option, we need to understand the conceptual framework that defined Russia’s initial plan. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearDefense: The Evolution of Great Powers

The evolution of military power is one of the most important if underrated geopolitical changes happening in the world today. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearDefense: A New Trade Pact in the Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, the U.S.-led effort to counter China and foster economic engagement in the region, has officially launched. For the new pact to succeed, it will need to leverage existing security alliances as new economic components and opportunities arise. - Victoria Herczegh Full story

Stirile TV: The Other War, From Hunger to Overthrows of Regimes

We have two wars - the struggle in Ukraine and the economic war with Russia. The economic war with Russia I expect him to decide in the end. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearDefense: Struggling to Find the Exit From War

French President Emmanuel Macron said last week that an off-ramp must be found for Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. This is not a novel idea. Negotiators know what they must have and what they must leave on the table for the other party. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearDefense: Why Iran Won’t Compromise in Nuclear Talks

A year after the start of Iran nuclear negotiations in Vienna, talks ended unsurprisingly without an agreement on the core issues. Although Iran needs to reach a deal to help alleviate its social and economic problems, it considers the costs of compromise on the key questions – namely, the role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – too high to accept. - Hilal Khashan Full story

RealClearWorld: Ode to France

Like many European cities but few American ones, Paris consists of layers of history, where the past is retained rather than forgotten. American cities are functional, with the past and surprises zoned out. The superficial has its place, but no carefully planned and zoned community can surprise you. - George Friedman Full story

RealClearWorld: How the Ukraine War May End

Russia has been waging war in Ukraine for a little over two months now. That’s not an especially long time. The Korean War lasted for three years, World War II for six. The Arab-Israeli wars, on the other hand, took only a matter a matter of days. - George Friedman Full story
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