The Changing Landscape of Threats | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman and Rear Admiral Doug Fears

Geopolitical and national security threats are constantly changing and evolving, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. In this ClubGPF live discussion, Rear Admiral (ret) Douglas Fears, Former U.S. Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor to the President joined GPF Chairman George Friedman to discuss a wide range of threats from cyber to denial of service, malign influences in social media and ballistic missile defense.

Turmoil in the Middle East | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman and Hilal Khashan

Middle East expert Hilal Khashan wrote in his January 23rd piece titled ‘The Middle East as a Powder Keg’ that resolving the region’s issues will be on hold pending resolution of the conflict in Gaza. In a recent ClubGPF live discussion, Dr. Khashan was joined by GPF Chairman George Friedman to discuss current conditions, why Israel is reluctant to make any kind of deal, and what a Palestinian state could look like if one was created.

Mauldin Economics Global Macro Update: George Friedman on the “Two Chinas” and How Putin Saves Face

What is the reality on the ground in China, and what will prevent China from invading Taiwan? George Friedman joined Mauldin Economics' Ed D’Agostino for a discussion on some of the most pressing geopolitical developments happening right now: Russia's threat to NATO, unrest and economic strains in China, and the multisided war in the Middle East.

The Challenges of Intelligence | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman

How do intelligence failures happen? What are the ramifications for such failures? In our recent ClubGPF discussion, GPF Chairman George Friedman examined the different types of intelligence and why they’re important, applying the various intelligence strategies to the current geopolitical struggles in the world, including the Israel-Gaza conflict and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Perspectives Beyond Ukraine and Gaza | ClubGPF Podcast+ Preview

In our final Podcast+ episode of 2023 for ClubGPF members, host Christian Smith sat down with Dir. of Analysis Allison Fedirka to discuss, among other topics, what to look out for in the coming year from the Global South.

George Friedman on The Jay Martin Show: 2024 Predictions and Global Power Dynamics

On a new episode of The Jay Martin Show, George Friedman offers his predictions for 2024, drawing parallels between historical patterns and present-day geopolitics. What is the role of the United States in current and future global conflicts, and how will the 2024 election cycle impact the superpower? How will tensions in the South China Sea play out?

Bonus Video: Geopolitics in the 21st Century | American Cycles with George Friedman

Chairman George Friedman and host Christian Smith recently sat down to focus in on the big picture of geopolitics. There is a new order coming, but unlike the reordering that took place after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. In this bonus clip, Dr. Friedman examines the cycles of American history and the vast impacts decisions made in the U.S. have on the rest of the world.

Israel at War | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman and Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann

Over three weeks after Hamas’ unprecedented Oct. 7 attack on Israel shocked the world, there are still so many questions that need to be answered. In our recent ClubGPF discussion, George Friedman was joined by special guest Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann to explain what we know (and what we do not yet know) about where things stand with the conflict.

Bonus Video: Geopolitics in the 21st Century | The Rise of Geoeconomics

The pandemic in many ways caused shifts in the global economic system. Are we still living in pandemic economics? GPF's Antonia Colibasanu broke down the concept of geoeconomics and where we are at now for our latest podcast series on Geopolitics in the 21st Century.

Special Edition Video: Israel at War | George Friedman on Where the Conflict Goes from Here

As the world reels from the shocking violence in Israel and Palestine, Geopolitical Futures brings you a special edition of Talking Geopolitics, including this full video interview. GPF Chairman George Friedman joins Christian Smith to discuss why the attacks took place, why Israel’s intelligence failed, and how the conflict will put pressure on Arab nations - and not in the way you may think.

Bonus Video: Geopolitics in the 21st Century | Tensions Across Eurasia with George Friedman

Talking Geopolitics host Christian Smith recently sat down with GPF Chairman George Friedman for a deeper look at the current movements, motives and potential outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War and the ongoing friction between the US and China. In today’s bonus clip, Dr. Friedman explains how US- China relations and US-Russia relations are in many ways interconnected.

Antonia Colibasanu on TRT World: Romania Awards $321M Contract for Turkish TB2 Drones

Nearly a year into the war in Ukraine, Romania, along with other regional countries, are seeking to transform their militaries with new equipment and weapon systems. Romania's defense ministry recently announced it made a 321 million dollar deal with the Turkish company Baykar for TB2 drones. GPF Senior Analyst Antonia Colibasanu explains what the deal means for Romania and the region.

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