Which Countries Have State Religions?

Religion still plays a role in shaping communal worldviews, attitudes and politics around the world.

Global Military Spending Soars

A new report shows that global military spending reached a new post-Cold War high last year.

The US Military and the African Front

The U.S. military posture in Africa has often been described as a “light footprint.” Recent revelations tell a different story.

Beyond Incirlik

The Turkish air base has become a point of contention in negotiations between Washington and Ankara.

The Shores of Lake Balkhash

Russia has offered to help Kazakhstan build a nuclear power plant near Lake Balkhash.

The Proliferation of Tunnel Warfare

The Syrian civil war brought tunnel technologies to Bashar Assad’s forces. It’s something Israel may want to keep in mind as it pushes a “safe zone” farther into Syrian territory.

Big Days for Democracy in Asia

Voters in Indonesia and India – two countries that account for about 20 percent of the entire population of Earth – will soon decide who they want to represent them.

Is Australia’s Real Estate Bubble About to Burst?

As China tightens controls on investment capital outflow and Australia increases restrictions on foreign buyers of property, real estate prices in some Australian cities have plummeted.

Algeria’s Perpetual Protest

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika says he will not run for a fifth term. So why are people still protesting?

The Myth of the Mercator Projection

The way we see the world is a lie. In honor of Gerardus Mercator, born this week some 500 years ago, we explore why.