India and Pakistan’s Tug of War Over Kashmir

(click to enlarge) India-Pakistan tensions over Kashmir stretch back to partition in 1948. In many ways, the historical pattern shows an evolution toward a “frozen”...

After Brexit, the UK Pivots to Africa

(click to enlarge) To prepare for a post-Brexit world, the U.K. has been reorienting its trade and investment patterns. As such, it is increasingly looking...

Coronavirus Trends in Latin America

(click to enlarge) The coronavirus pandemic has hit Latin America hard. By the end of September, the region accounted for 28 percent of global cases...

COVID-19 Wreaked Havoc on EU Economies

(click to enlarge) A second wave of COVID-19 has hit Europe. Health officials predicted this outcome as governments lifted social restrictions, which permitted the virus...

Explaining the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

(click to enlarge) Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh became a battleground for the newly independent states of Azerbaijan and...

East Asia: Containment and Recovery

(click to enlarge) The coronavirus has shied away from no corner of the globe, but some countries have weathered the storm far better than others...

Changes in Consumer Spending and US Household Debt

(click to enlarge) Over the past six months, spending habits among U.S. consumers have changed drastically. In the second quarter of this year, credit card...

Global Economic Recovery Projections

(click to enlarge) The world is in a huge economic hole thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and the pace of recovery will almost certainly vary...

Russia: A Power Broker in Eurasia?

(click to enlarge) The foreign ministers from the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization met in Moscow this week, ahead of a leaders summit...

India: COVID-19 and Economic Contraction

(click to enlarge) As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India soars, the country's economy is taking a severe blow. It contracted by...

Israel and the UAE Break With Precedent

(click to enlarge) When the United Arab Emirates normalized relations with Israel earlier this month, it broke with decades of precedent. Since the establishment of...

Remittances to Mexico Rise as the US Economy Struggles

(click to enlarge) Remittances are a critical part of the Mexican economy, which ranks as the third-largest recipient of remittances globally, behind only China and...

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