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Foreign Investment in Latin America

(click to enlarge) For emerging and developing economies, foreign direct investment plays a crucial role in financing major development projects and growing their economies. This...

Latin America’s 5G Dilemma

(click to enlarge) The rollout of 5G technology has quickly taken on a strong geopolitical dimension due to the potential ramifications on cybersecurity and digitally...

The Global Economy in 2020

(click to enlarge) The COVID-19 pandemic hurt everyone, but it didn’t hurt equally. Social distancing measures, both elective and government mandated, devastated businesses, particularly those...

Highs and Lows in the Japanese Economy

(click to enlarge) Like most economies across the globe, Japan’s has taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic. The world’s third-largest economy contracted for three...

Opening Up the Caucasus

(click to enlarge) After signing a cease-fire deal that ended the war in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in November, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan reached...

Europe’s Energy Transition

(click to enlarge) The share of renewables in European energy production in 2020 increased to 38 percent, overtaking fossil fuels (which fell to 37 percent)...

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Russia’s Arctic Buildup

(click to enlarge) The Arctic, rich in natural resources and potential, is quickly becoming an...

Daily Memo: Russia to Close the Kerch Strait?

Russia's blockade. Russia is planning to block access to the waters around the Kerch...

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