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Population Growth Trends

(click to enlarge) Over the long term, demographics affect geopolitical trends and state behavior. Population size has implications for public pension systems, economic growth, food...

Japan’s Gradual Military Reawakening

(click to enlarge) After its defeat in World War II, Japan was deprived of any military capability. Pursuant to Article 9 of its new constitution,...

Drought in North America

(click to enlarge) Dating back to 1848, water sharing is one of the longest-standing areas of bilateral cooperation between Mexico and the United States. Agreements...

Uzbekistan Struggles to Integrate Karakalpakstan

(click to enlarge) The Republic of Karakalpakstan, located in northwestern Uzbekistan, is a product of the peculiar boundary delimitations within the Soviet Union. It was...

The G-7’s Latest Answer to China’s BRI

(click to enlarge) The original strategic impetus for China’s Belt and Road Initiative was to secure trade routes not subject to U.S. control in the...

Tracking Global Investment

(click to enlarge) 2021 turned out to be quite positive for foreign direct investment, despite the ongoing recovery from the pandemic, quarantines and difficulties in...

Cycles of Turmoil

(click to enlarge) Political leadership in Arab countries is often a poisoned chalice. Violence and upheaval have been hallmarks of political transition in the Middle...

Exerting Economic Influence in Latin America

(click to enlarge) In recent years, the U.S. has leaned more heavily on using economic engagement and economic warfare to exert influence over other countries....

The Long Fight to Control Taiwan

(click to enlarge) Not so long ago, Taiwan and mainland China were mending their relations. Trade relations and cultural exchanges developed rapidly in the early...

War in Ukraine Is a Boon for NATO

(click to enlarge) NATO was the product of a particular time and strategic landscape – a bipolar world characterized by two extremely antagonistic powers. Most...

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