Russia and Iran’s Over-Hyped Alliance

Russia and Iran have a long history of cooperation, but amid the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, their relationship has come under renewed scrutiny....

Daily Memo: Israel Update, Problems for British Banking

Fighting continues. Israel Defense Forces said on Friday they would resume combat operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip after the group violated the cease-fire...

New Visitors in the Caucasus

With all that’s happening in the Middle East, it’s easy to forget about what’s happening in the Caucasus, which careful readers will recall I...

Daily Memo: Gaza Border, US Deployment

Gaza border opens. The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt has reopened. This comes after the Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority released a...

Hints, Bluffs and Uncertainty

The practice of foreign policy, like many other practices, consists of hints and bluffs amid uncertainty. There’s value in making the worthless seem invaluable...

Daily Memo: Hamas Holds Talks in Moscow

Hamas in Moscow. Representatives of Hamas met in Moscow with Iranian and Russian officials for talks on the situation in Gaza. They discussed the...

Answering Readers on ‘Russia, Ukraine and Thinking Extreme Thoughts’

I normally try to reply to responses to my articles individually. This has become increasingly difficult as our readership increases and the thoughtfulness and...

Russia, Ukraine and Thinking Extreme Thoughts

In a recent article, I wrote that the war in Ukraine is over, but nobody knows how to end it. What I meant by...

Russia’s Involvement in the Israel-Hamas War

After Israel said it was at war with Hamas, several countries expressed concern over the conflict’s escalation and called on both sides to halt...

The Race to Dominate Seabed Mining

The world can’t get enough of critical minerals. From 2017 to 2022, green energy projects alone boosted demand for lithium by roughly 200 percent,...

Thoughts on the American Interest

Recently, I wrote an article on the Ukraine war titled “The War Is Over, but No One Knows How to Stop Fighting.” There were...

The War Is Over, but No One Knows How to Stop Fighting

It has been more than one and a half years since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine. The war has not gone as the...

Turkey Advances in the South Caucasus

Though his military forces are still in the process of absorbing Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev met on Sept. 25 with his Turkish counterpart,...

Russia’s Defense Industry at a Crossroads

A year and a half since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces still have not achieved their main objectives and are now...

Russia Seals Its Southern Border

Russia's focus currently is on its western front, in Ukraine and neighboring countries. There is, however, another front that concerns Russia: its southern border,...

Tensions Escalate in Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan has been massing troops along the line of contact with Nagorno-Karabakh and on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border for several days. Local media also report...

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Central Asia is a highly strategic region traditionally trapped between several major powers but generally dominated by Russia, whose primary objective remains protecting the buffer zones that extend all the way to Eastern Europe.

The Russian government’s power depends on the security services, provision of economic incentives to a small group of elites and the acquiescence of the Russian population.

Ongoing regional and ethnic tensions threaten the unity of Central Asia and thus, sometimes, to the security of Russia.

Eurasia is highly exposed to Russia economically, especially when it comes to currencies, remittances and labor. Nevertheless, as the Russian economy weakens, partly due to the exporters’ crisis, its financial troubles are contributing to Central Asia’s slow destabilization.

While Russia is the dominant force, the economic slowdown in China, which is a major benefactor of much of Eurasia, is a major risk for Central Asian economies.

Regional Assessment of Russia

Regional Assessment of Central Asia

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Russia will continue to conduct covert and non-military operations to take control and maintain control of its buffers.

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Daily Memo: Top EU Officials Meet With Xi in Beijing

China-EU summit. Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Beijing with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, their...

Germany’s Budget Crisis

The European Union is engaged in a critical debate about the bloc’s budget over the next few years, but politics in its most important...

Daily Memo: Mexico’s Foreign Minister in Beijing

Mexico and China. Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena met with Chinese Vice President Han Zheng in Beijing on Wednesday. Han called for consolidating ties...

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