Russia Stays Out of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel and the Palestinian territories are engaged in their most intense bout of fighting in years, and there’s a major power not too far...

From Pandemic to Pan-shortages

With some notable and grave exceptions, the COVID-19 crisis is winding down for much of the world. But as it does, another problem is...

Russia’s New Strategy for Central Asia

While Russia was grabbing attention with its buildup and withdrawal of military forces along its western border with Ukraine, it was making a different,...

Brief: Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Clash Over Territory

Background: Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, two former Soviet republics, have longstanding territorial disputes between them. One of the most intensely contested areas is Vorukh, a...

The Struggle to Rule Moldova

Moldovan politics are stuck. New pro-Western President Maia Sandu has struggled to govern, as the parliament remains under the control of the party of...

Brief: Russian Plane Violates Colombian Airspace

Background: Russia has long been eager to expand its influence in Latin America, but the region’s distance from Moscow and proximity to the United...

Brief: Assassination Plot in Belarus

Background: Despite massive protests against his reelection last August, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and his regime clung to power and continue to suppress critics....

The Unlikelihood of a War With China and Russia

Much has been made of China’s seemingly unending potential to invade Taiwan – nearly as much as Russia’s buildup near Ukraine, which many believe...

In the Pandemic, an Opportunity for Russia in Uzbekistan

Russia has been trying, and often succeeding, to maintain its influence in Central Asia ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s not...

Daily Memo: US Navy in Indian Waters, Germany Negotiates for Russian Vaccine

U.S. Navy in Indian waters. A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer on Wednesday conducted a freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) inside India’s exclusive economic zone...

The Arc of Instability in Eastern Europe

It’s no secret that President Vladimir Putin, taking pages from the playbooks of Russian leaders of yore, is trying to secure strategic depth. Much...

Brief: Russian Influence in the Caribbean

Background: For the United States, the Caribbean Basin plays a critical role in securing maritime access that serves its commercial and defense purposes. Though...

Russia’s Economy: Surviving but Not Thriving

The Russian economy has ostensibly avoided disaster during a difficult year in which it faced the threat of new sanctions, dramatic fluctuations in oil...

Russia, China and the United States: First Shots

Any time there is a new U.S. president, major powers set out to test him and lay the groundwork for future bargaining in potential...

Brief: Russia’s Price Controls Come With a Price

Background: Russia’s economy relies on oil and gas: Its largest oil and gas companies are also its largest taxpayers, and revenues from energy exports...

No, Russia and Ukraine Are Not About to Come to Blows

Fighting has resumed between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed rebels in Donbass who accused the government in Kyiv of preparing for a large-scale offensive....

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Central Asia is a highly strategic region traditionally trapped between several major powers but generally dominated by Russia, whose primary objective remains protecting the buffer zones that extend all the way to Eastern Europe.

The Russian government’s power depends on the security services, provision of economic incentives to a small group of elites and the acquiescence of the Russian population.

Ongoing regional and ethnic tensions threaten the unity of Central Asia and thus, sometimes, to the security of Russia.

Eurasia is highly exposed to Russia economically, especially when it comes to currencies, remittances and labor. Nevertheless, as the Russian economy weakens, partly due to the exporters’ crisis, its financial troubles are contributing to Central Asia’s slow destabilization.

While Russia is the dominant force, the economic slowdown in China, which is a major benefactor of much of Eurasia, is a major risk for Central Asian economies.

Regional Assessment of Russia

Regional Assessment of Central Asia

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From our 2021 Forecast...

Russia will reinforce its strategic depth by consolidating its influence in the Caucasus and Belarus. It will also expand its influence in Central Asia.

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Russia Stays Out of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel and the Palestinian territories are engaged in their most intense bout of fighting in years, and there’s a major power not too far...

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