Hilal Khashan

Hilal Khashan is a Professor of political science at the American University of Beirut. He is a respected author and analyst of Middle Eastern affairs. He is the author of six books, including Hizbullah: A Mission to Nowhere. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2019.) He is currently writing a book titled Saudi Arabia: The Dilemma of Political Reform and the Illusion of Economic Development. He is also the author of more than 110 articles that appeared in journals such as Orbis, The Journal of Conflict Resolution, The Brown Journal of World Affairs, Middle East Quarterly, Third World Quarterly, Israel Affairs, Journal of Religion and Society, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, and The British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

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The Rise and Fall of Political Islam in Morocco

Last week, Morocco held its 11th parliamentary elections since adopting its constitution in 1962. The Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD), which had been the leader of the governing...

Hezbollah’s Waning Shiite Support

Last month, prominent Hezbollah figure Nawar al-Sahili held a lavish wedding for his daughter in Lebanon. The swanky affair, complete with ornate decor and Western-style clothing, caused a national...

What the Taliban’s Resurgence Means for the Arab World

There have been mixed reactions in the Arab world to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Oman’s grand sheikh congratulated the Afghan people on what he described as a spectacular...

Turkey and Iran Compete Over Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not a country that lends itself to domination by sheer force. Its rugged, mountainous terrain makes it impossible for a foreign military, no matter how powerful, to...

The Next Israel-Hezbollah War

Last month, on the 15th anniversary of Israel’s Second Lebanon War, the commander of Israel’s Northern Command, Gen. Amir Baram, warned that in the next military confrontation between the...

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China’s President Is in Trouble

The Chinese president has failed to manage the country’s relationship with its most important trade partner.

Population Density of Canada


May 28, 2016 Canada is one of those countries where a vast land mass obscures the fact that the country has a relatively small population. While Canada is the second largest country in the world, its 35 million inhabitants make Canada only the 39th most populated country.

In this way, Canada is similar to countries like Egypt, Russia and Australia. Egypt is a country of over 80 million people and its size is formidable on a map, yet most of its inhabitants are located on a thin strip of land about the size of the state of Maryland on either bank of the Nile River. For Russia, the world’s largest country by land mass, its population centers are located in the west, close to Europe, while the vast and desolate Siberian region is sparsely populated and not connected to Russian infrastructure. Australia – the world’s sixth largest country by land mass and a continent in its own right – has even fewer people than Canada (around 23 million), all living in cities along the coast. The interior of the country is unforgiving and inhospitable.

The Truth About the US-China Thucydides Trap

We remember Thucydides as a historian thanks to his documentation of the Peloponnesian War, but we often forget that he was also a philosopher....

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