George Friedman on the Leighton Smith Podcast

Newstalk ZB’s Leighton Smith brings GPF Chairman George Friedman back on his podcast to discuss the latest geopolitical events in China as push comes to shove in the U.S.-China trade war, updates on Brexit and the future of the U.K. Does it even matter anymore whether Britain leaves or remains?

The Geopolitics of Deadwood

Join Cole, Jacob, and Phillip on this auspicious April Fools’ Day for a discussion of the Geopolitics of Deadwood. No unauthorized cinnamon.

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Intro+Exit music by Jason Shaw, “Hoedown” and “Serenity.”

The Brexit That Never Ends

Cole hosts Phillip, Jacob, and Ryan to talk about the latest developments on the Brexit soap opera. Other exciting topics include Turkey’s economy and everyone’s favorite — Chinese banking reform.

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Is Democracy Failing?

CEO George Friedman joins the podcast to talk about whether democracy is failing in the United States and in Europe.

The New Silk Road Runs Through Italy?

This week, Jacob, Cole and Xander discuss why the Belt and Road Initiative isn’t China’s Marshall Plan, what is and is not boring about Brexit, and how the Caspian Sea could solve some of Iran’s economic problems.

Leighton and George, Part II

After focusing on China in Part I, George and Leighton are at it again, this time talking about the US, Brexit, and a host of other important geopolitical issues.

China’s Failure

Part one of a conversation between GPF CEO George Friedman and Newstalk ZB’s Leighton Smith. They discuss GPF’s 2019 forecast, China’s shortcomings, and New Zealand’s place in the world.

The Week Ahead: Intervention and Partition

Cole and Jacob discuss the latest on Venezuela, Brexit, and Afghanistan.

Not Another Cold War — China Edition

Jacob and Cole wrestle with whether or not the United States and China are fighting a new Cold War. Then, they take a look at events around the world, including the recent coup attempt in Gabon, a potential roadmap for peace in Afghanistan, and future prospects for Ukraine and Belarus.

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George Friedman’s Mailbag

George joins the podcast to answer your questions about geopolitics. What did he get wrong in “The Next Hundred Years”? How will China’s economic woes affect the global economy? How is President Trump shaping US foreign policy compared to other US presidents? Tune in for answers to all these and more.

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What’s Next in Northern Syria

Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of all troops from Syria, a move that has obvious implications for everyone involved in civil war, including the Kurds, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Israel, the Islamic State and Syria itself. Who benefits the most from the departure? Or, is that even the right question to ask? On this week’s podcast, Jacob, Cole and Xander discuss the situation, try to separate fact from fiction, and get lost in semantic arguments.


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