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Echoes of the Congress of Vienna; Implications of a Unified European Army

Chairman George Friedman explains how, following the defeat of Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna shaped an entire continent and why its reflection can still be seen in European geopolitics today. Editor Ryan Bridges explores US attitudes towards an integrated EU army.

The Leighton Smith Podcast: George Friedman on the State of the Middle East & China’s Demographic Challenges

On this episode of NewstalkZB's Leighton Smith Podcast, GPF Chairman George Friedman discusses Israel/Gaza and the Middle East, also China's failed one-child policy and the ensuing economic fallout.

Belarus Takes a Risk; Alliances in the Western Pacific; The Future of South American Trade

Chairman George Friedman explains why necessity is the mother of alliances for the US, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines in the Pacific Archipelago. Eurasia expert Ekaterina Zolotova helps us understand the commandeering of a plane over Belarus. Head of Analysis Allison Fedirka explores the future of Mercosur.

Special Episode: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Past, Present and Future

Chairman George Friedman and Senior Analyst Hilal Khashan explore the history and geopolitics behind the violence in Gaza and its potential strain on the region.

Germany Then and Now; Nuclear Deals and Iran’s Proxies

To mark the anniversary of VE Day, Chairman George Friedman discusses his recent article on Germany and explains why the nation’s desire to fly under the radar cannot last forever. Senior Analyst Hilal Khashan tells us why the ongoing US-Iran nuclear talks in Vienna are less about nuclear weapons and more about Iran’s proxies in the Middle East.

Russia – Bully, Trickster or Victim?

Talking Geopolitics dives deep into Russia’s geopolitics. Chairman George Friedman explains modern Russian foreign policy and the historic attitudes still driving it. Russia expert Ekaterina Zolotova lays out the building blocks of Russian geopolitics. Also, Analyst Phillip Orchard explores the future of US-Turkish relations in the wake of President Joe Biden’s acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide.

Understanding China

Chairman George Friedman explores China’s relationship with both the U.S. and Russia, as well as its tendency towards isolation. East Asia Expert Phillip Orchard breaks down the geopolitical imperatives that drive China’s behavior. Dir. of Analysis Allison Fedirka gives us an update on the tension at the Colombia–Venezuela border.

The Ripple Effect of the Alhambra Decree; Cycles of American Society and Politics

Chairman George Friedman discusses his book ‘The Storm Before the Calm’ and explains America’s socioeconomic and institutional cycles and the coronavirus’ negligible impact on them. Managing Editor Cole Altom and Dir. of Analysis Allison Fedirka discuss the Alhambra Decree and its ties to Colonialism. East Asia expert Phillip Orchard tells us why Myanmar’s anti-coup protests have been on his radar.

A Guide for Geopolitical Analysis; Consistency in Foreign Policy

Host Christian Smith discusses Geopolitical Futures’ COO Antonia Colibasanu’s new book, Contemporary Geopolitics and Geoeconomics 2.0, and how an update was in order after 2020; Chairman George Friedman explores the consistency in U.S. foreign policy across party lines. Dir. of Analysis Allison Fedirka and Eastern Europe expert Ekaterina Zolotova tell us what’s been on their radar in the world of geopolitics.

The Rise and Fall of Nations; The Future of Rare Earths

On this episode of Talking Geopolitics, host Christian Smith discusses the geopolitics of rare earths with East Asia expert Phillip Orchard; Chairman George Friedman ponders power and the rise and fall of nations. Managing Editor Cole Altom and Dir. of Analysis Allison Fedirka tell us what’s been grabbing their attention in the world of geopolitics.

Cuba Back in the Spotlight; Fundamentals of Geopolitics

Geopolitics is our bread and butter. It's also a term easily thrown around without accurately conveying its meaning. On this first episode of the new Talking Geopolitics podcast, host Christian Smith talks with the founder of Geopolitical Futures, George Friedman, about the fundamentals behind the company's work. Dir. of Analysis Allison Fedirka explains how Cuba's poor economic condition has helped propel the island back in to the spotlight.

George Friedman on ABC Radio Melbourne: Forecasting 2021

George Friedman discusses his new book, The Storm Before the Calm, the implications from Donald Trump’s second Impeachment, and geopolitical forecasts for the year to come in 2021, with ABC Radio Melbourne host Bern Young.

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