Daily Memo: Russo-China Cooperation, Turkish Financial Planning

A partnership between Moscow and Beijing has always been elusive.

Daily Memo: US Oil Exports, Hong Kong and Trade, Chinese Manufacturing

The U.S. was a net oil exporter in September.

Daily Memo: A Political Victory in NATO, a Pyrrhic Victory in...

Alliance members may soon contribute more to the collective budget.

Daily Memo: EU Reforms, the Mexican Economy, Turkey’s Balancing Act

Germany and France propose talks on the future of the EU, and Mexico prepares for a tough road ahead.

Daily Memo: Democracy in Hong Kong, Attacks in Yemen, Leaks in...

Hong Kongers head to the polls while China tries to discredit another embarrassing exposé.

Daily Memo: South Korea and Japan, the US in the South...

South Korea stalls on pulling out of an agreement with Japan, and the U.S. conducts freedom of navigation operations in disputed waters.

Daily Memo: Iran Protests Fade, NATO Members Talk, Hong Kong’s Status...

Iran appears to have shut down protests over a fuel price hike, and Germany proposes more talk to mend fences in NATO.

Daily Memo: Poland’s Economic Plans, India’s Economic Woes, Estonia’s Defense Concerns

India and Poland take different approaches to bad economic news.

Daily Memo: Pakistan and Iran, the US and South Korea, Russia...

Pakistan's army chief meets with the Iranian president, and the U.S. walks out on talks with South Korea.

Daily Memo: Hong Kong Clashes, Iranian Unrest, US-South Korea Drills

Protests in Hong Kong escalated over the weekend, and Iran is reeling from demonstrations over fuel price hikes.

Daily Memo: Egypt and Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, China and Hong...

Egypt is concerned about the Islamic State.

Daily Memo: An Impasse in Washington, a Glimmer of Hope in...

Trump and Erdogan fail to reach agreement on several issues, and the German economy narrowly avoids a technical recession.