Global Economic Recovery Projections

(click to enlarge) The world is in a huge economic hole thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and the pace of recovery will almost certainly vary...

Russia: A Power Broker in Eurasia?

(click to enlarge) The foreign ministers from the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization met in Moscow this week, ahead of a leaders summit...

India: COVID-19 and Economic Contraction

(click to enlarge) As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India soars, the country's economy is taking a severe blow. It contracted by...

Israel and the UAE Break With Precedent

(click to enlarge) When the United Arab Emirates normalized relations with Israel earlier this month, it broke with decades of precedent. Since the establishment of...

Remittances to Mexico Rise as the US Economy Struggles

(click to enlarge) Remittances are a critical part of the Mexican economy, which ranks as the third-largest recipient of remittances globally, behind only China and...

Russian Attitudes Toward Putin and the Economy

(click to enlarge) The coronavirus crisis has hit an already sluggish Russian economy, causing a decline in demand for Russian goods both at home and...

EU Coronavirus Recovery Package

(click to enlarge) After months of negotiation, the European Union reached a compromise on a coronavirus-related economic recovery fund. On July 21, the European Council...

Global Population Projections

(click to enlarge) As a starting point, to get a sense of what the world might look like at the turn of the next century,...

Global Investment Outlook

(click to enlarge) Given the growing geopolitical tensions in a number of regions around the world and the challenging economic conditions, 2020 never promised to...

The Evolution of US-UK Relations

C (click to enlarge) The bilateral relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is among the strongest in the world today. But the two...

Happier at Home: The Rise in Telecommuting

(click to enlarge) Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent imposition of lockdown and social distancing measures, employee behavior in the United...

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