About Geopolitical Futures

Geopolitical Futures is an online publication dedicated to explaining and predicting the future course of the international system. We apply our proven methodology to make forecasts, highlight what’s important, provide insight into why it matters and what to expect next. Our publication is for readers from diverse backgrounds who are interested in better understanding international events. 

At its core, geopolitics assumes that events are governed by impersonal forces and not by individual feeling or ideology. Geopolitical Futures does not prescribe policy. We strive to be objective, use neutral language and have the courage to state things we think are true based on our methods, regardless of public opinion.  

Current Openings:

No openings at this time.

Company Culture:

Geopolitical Futures has always been a remote company (even prior to the pandemic). We do not request staff members to relocate, but we do expect them to engage during business hours according to U.S. Central time regardless of what country they are in. The remote structure requires all members of the company to be proactive and clear with their communications. 

Geopolitical Futures values the life of the mind and encourages intellectual debate. We are rigorously non-ideological. Our staff may have their personal beliefs, but they must check them at the door.