The European Union Divided Over Belarus

Different approaches toward Minsk reveal yet another split within an already divided EU.

Daily Memo: Gulf Thaw, Trade Talks Progress, Turkey Pushes Boundaries

Progress in GCC-Qatar dispute. There are promising signs at the Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Saudi Arabia that Gulf tensions are easing. Qatar sent its prime minister to the summit – the highest-level official dispatched by that country to the summit in two years – and indicated a possible warming of relations with GCC countries […]

Pearl Harbor and the Strategy of Economic Sanctions

There have been many lessons drawn from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. One was that wars need not begin according to international law....

Daily Memo: North Korea Ups the Ante, the US Still Pivots...

Things between the U.S. and North Korea have been relatively quiet since 2018; expect this to change dramatically in 2020.

China Stays the Course, Straight Into the Storm

What Beijing fears most is economic shock, not stagnation.

Daily Memo: Eastern Mediterranean Tensions, German Stagnation, Europe’s Stance on Iran

Greece expels the Turkish ambassador to Athens, and German industry shows more signs of contraction.

Turkey Tests the Waters in the Eastern Mediterranean

With its maritime deal with Libya, Ankara is harkening back to the peak of the Ottoman Empire’s influence.

Daily Memo: The US Case Against Iran, South Korea and China...

The Pentagon hasn’t commented on recent attacks in Iraq, but leaks provide some details.

Daily Memo: North Korean Threats, NATO Friction, the Endless Trade War

North Korea tells the U.S. it's running out of time to negotiate, and NATO members meet in London.

Saudi Arabia’s Security Dilemma

Despite the burgeoning threats in the Middle East, the Saudi armed forces remain a paper tiger at best.

Daily Memo: Russo-China Cooperation, Turkish Financial Planning

A partnership between Moscow and Beijing has always been elusive.

A Common Theme of Global Unrest

From Hong Kong to Tehran to Buenos Aires, the world appears to be destabilizing. The question that has been raised is whether there is...