Chinese New Year 2020: The Year of the Coronavirus

The biggest political and economic effects of pandemics come from public panic and panicked government responses, not the disease itself.

Daily Memo: Iranian Diplomacy, Controlling Syria, Stopping an Outbreak

Talks may soon begin between Tehran and Saudi Arabia, while Beijing tries to quarantine an entire city.

Daily Memo: Transatlantic Trade, Russian Food, EU Crisis Management

With deals final with China and North America, the Trump administration turns its attention to Europe.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Ventures Into the Mediterranean

The fleet plays a key role in Russia’s Mediterranean strategy.

Daily Memo: Belarus Buys Oil, South Korea in the Middle East,...

Minsk has secured a shipment from Norway while Turkey tests waters outside Somalia.

Russia’s Puzzling Moves

Over the past few weeks, two odd things have happened in Russia. The first is that Russian President Vladimir Putin has restructured the government....

Daily Memo: Outbreak in China, Russian Oil, Northern Syria

The coronavirus outbreak could be geopolitically significant in a number of ways.

The Geopolitical Consequences of Australia’s Wildfires

The tragedy has been well documented, but its potential global effects have not.

Daily Memo: Libyan Peace Talks, Chinese Influence in Myanmar

Leaders of Libya's rival governments prepare to meet in Berlin this weekend, and Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Myanmar.

The Power Players in Libya’s Civil War

The number of concerned parties is growing by the day, but Russia and Turkey remain the conflict’s center of gravity.

Putin’s State of the Nation Address and His Path to Future...

The president is looking for ways to carry out his agenda beyond 2024.

Daily Memo: Aftermath of a Trade Deal, Egypt and Israel Respond,...

The agreement will be consequential even if doesn’t change U.S.-China tensions.