The Battle for the Past

Whoever defines the past controls the present and future.

Daily Memo: Japan and South Korea Dig in, Turkey’s Call to...

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The Resurrection of Scottish Foreign Policy

Its revival comes after more than 300 years of dormancy.

Daily Memo: Turkey’s S-400s, Russian Opportunism

All the news worth knowing today.

Between Japan and South Korea, a Trade War Lurks

The two seem to have every reason to cooperate. Yet here we are.

Daily Memo: Chinese Ambitions, Syrian Deployments, Naval Patrols

All the news worth knowing today.

Command of the Sea

Command of the sea is the foundation of American national security. Adm. Alfred Thayer Mahan, the greatest strategist in American history, identified it as the core American interest (though he wrote before the war on terrorism began and before the development of nuclear weapons). The United States, he argued, can be threatened only by an […]

Turkey’s Libya Problem

Ankara’s involvement in the war-torn country is part of its broader competition with Arab states.