Theresa May Announces Her Resignation

Her departure will change the tone but not the substance of Brexit talks.

In Mexico, a New Approach to Crime Produces the Same Old...

Mexico’s president has promised to improve security, but progress has been slow.

Visiting China

I can’t explain China. I don’t know it well enough, and sometimes it seems to me that the Chinese are experts on their country, but they’re experts that don’t agree. Still, China is an American adversary, and an adversarial relationship between these two countries is dangerous even if it doesn’t lead to war. Therefore, I […]

Iran and the Problem of Occupation Warfare

For the U.S., defeating the Iranian military wouldn’t be the end of the war.

Daily Memo: Iraqi Security, Ukrainian Energy, Brexit Votes

All the news worth knowing today.

The Rising Threat in Central Asia

The threat from Islamic extremism is growing, and leaders appear increasingly worried.