New US Barriers Against Russia’s Economy

Harvest festivals are not unusual around the world, but the American holiday of Thanksgiving is in a league of its own. Over time it...

In Poland, Peace May Be a Bridge Too Far

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to speak to some Poles. I won’t pretend that they speak for the entire country, but my impression...

Views of Russia From Europe’s Edges

At first glance, Cyprus and Norway do not have much in common. One is located in the warm and sunny Mediterranean, while the other...

Ominous Explosions in Poland

Days after a humiliating withdrawal from the city of Kherson, Russia launched a massive missile strike across Ukraine. There are widespread power outages in...


The United States has asked Ukraine to be open to negotiations with Russia, according to a report that was likely carefully leaked by U.S....

The Inevitable Battle for Kherson

In September, Russia was caught off guard when Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in Kharkiv region in the northeast instead of Kherson region in the...

For France, Working With Russia Is Expensive

The worst day for France’s grand European vision was Feb. 24 as Russia invaded Ukraine, but a close second came a few weeks earlier,...

German Foreign Policy for Sale

The world is dividing into two rival camps, one led by the U.S. and another by China, but it seems as if no one...

A New Command for the Same War

A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to replace the military commander in charge of the Ukraine war with Gen. Sergei Surovikin,...

On Geoeconomics: Systemic Challenges

It’s no secret that central banks and governments the world over are dealing with rising inflation and economic uncertainty, both of which need to...

What Is Russia Thinking??

The reason for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was clear: Moscow wanted strategic depth. Nothing Russia has done since, however, has been clear. The military...

Speculating on Nord Stream

The first thing to know about the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines that started leaking natural gas into the Baltic Sea on Monday...

Russia’s Mobilization May Be a Game-Changer

At no small cost, the Russian military managed to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region. Kyiv’s rapid success sent Moscow searching...

Immigration, the Economy and the Italian Election

Italy elected a hard-right party in parliamentary elections held over the weekend. The result indicates that Italians are unhappy with the country’s reality. Italy...

Why Would Poland Spurn Germany?

“We were dependent on Russia, but today we are cutting this dependence,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said last week while inaugurating a new...

Russia Hits Europe in the Bread Basket

It’s autumn in Europe, which for European farmers means it’s time to start placing orders for fertilizer for the spring. Of course, prices have...

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Eurasia in Crisis


The European Peninsula is facing two interlocking crises: first, the fragmentation in the European Union due to diverging national interests and, second, a shift in the relationship between the peninsula and the rest of Eurasia.

Germany is the most powerful country in the European Union and economically dependent on its exports to the bloc. Therefore, Germany must maintain a cohesive eurozone and European Union, in order to safeguard its exports and shape the direction of Europe’s economic policies.

Europe suffers from regional divides with drastic employment and economic discrepancies between the north and south. An east and west divide, dating back to the Soviet era, also influence countries’ different outlooks towards foreign interactions.

Russia and the United States continue to have competing interests in Central and Eastern Europe.

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From our 2022 Forecast...

Inherent economic divisions will be aggravated by supply chain issues. Europe with Germany at its center will change into a Europe with no clear center.

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From the Emirates to Mars

As you receive this, we are on a flight to the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is hosting a meeting on space flight, and...

Daily Memo: Signs of Economic Growth in Russia

Adapting. Russia’s purchasing managers’ index increased at its fastest pace in nearly six years, from 50.7 in October to 53.2 in November. (A rating...

Why a Cap on Russian Oil Prices Won’t Work

EU leaders are scrambling to reach a deal on a price cap for Russian oil imports before a full ban on purchases of Russian...

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