US Strategy in Europe

One of the most important outcomes of the U.S. presidential race may be how it affects the United States' relationship with Europe. Donald Trump...

The Euro-American Shift

There are certain pressures that reverberate throughout the globe that can manifest in different realms, including the economy, the military and the legal system....

Graphic Essay: Global Chokepoints in Maritime Trade

Editor’s note: The following is the first of what we hope will be many Monthly Graphics, a visual-rich, subscriber-only essay that complements our long-form...

Europe After French and UK Elections

By Sunday, voters in two leading Western European states, France and the United Kingdom, almost certainly will have initiated significant overhauls of their respective...

The European Union’s Modest Growth

(click to enlarge) The EU economy saw a much-needed upswing in the first quarter of 2024, growing 0.3 percent compared to the last quarter of...

Daily Memo: Hezbollah Considers Its Options

Plan for Hezbollah. A senior officer from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps met in Baghdad with leaders of pro-Iranian factions in Iraq to discuss...

The Mainstreaming of the European Far-Right

The European Parliament elections held earlier in June were met with the customary concern of every such electoral cycle, with observers wondering if far-right...

The World of Balance

The international system is always changing. It usually shifts one piece at a time, each one constrained by the system to dampen its impact...

In New Caledonia, France Sees Foreign Meddling

French President Emmanuel Macron held an emergency meeting on May 20 with his defense and security council to discuss the unrest in the French...

Meditations on the Mediterranean

Throughout history, the Mediterranean Sea has been Europe’s most important body of water, shaping its relationship with itself and with the rest of the...

The Logic of Hungary

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece about mass demonstrations in Budapest in which protesters expressed resentment against alleged financial corruption running...

New Strategic Documents Preserve Belarus’ Options

At the end of April, Belarus updated its Military Doctrine and its National Security Concept to respond to urgent security threats, regional volatility and...

Germany’s Future, According to Germans

From the war in Ukraine to economic uncertainties at home and across the Western world, Germany is facing a number of challenges with which...

European Views on US Global Posture

The notion that all countries operate within constraints is one of the main pillars of geopolitics. It came up repeatedly during my recent visit...

How Different Countries Respond to Terrorism

The fallout from Hamas’ Oct. 7 rampage through Israel and the March 22 massacre at Crocus City Hall near Moscow are dreadful reminders of...

Daily Memo: France Calls Out Azerbaijan, Russian Peacekeepers Go Home

French blowback. France recalled its ambassador to Azerbaijan for consultations after accusing Baku of taking “unilateral actions damaging to the relationship between our two...

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The European Peninsula is facing two interlocking crises: first, the fragmentation in the European Union due to diverging national interests and, second, a shift in the relationship between the peninsula and the rest of Eurasia.

Germany is the most powerful country in the European Union and economically dependent on its exports to the bloc. Therefore, Germany must maintain a cohesive eurozone and European Union, in order to safeguard its exports and shape the direction of Europe’s economic policies.

Europe suffers from regional divides with drastic employment and economic discrepancies between the north and south. An east and west divide, dating back to the Soviet era, also influence countries’ different outlooks towards foreign interactions.

Russia and the United States continue to have competing interests in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Inherent economic divisions will be aggravated by supply chain issues. Europe with Germany at its center will change into a Europe with no clear center.

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Daily Memo: China Cuts a Deal and Lending Rates

Surprising terms. China and the Philippines tentatively agreed on a code of conduct for the resupply of Philippine forces at Second Thomas Shoal, a...

US Strategy in Europe

One of the most important outcomes of the U.S. presidential race may be how it affects the United States' relationship with Europe. Donald Trump...

The Stakes in Venezuela and Guyana’s Dispute

(click to enlarge) Guyana and Venezuela are quarreling over an old land settlement, but just because the dispute has stayed peaceful for so long and...

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