From Pandemic to Pan-shortages

With some notable and grave exceptions, the COVID-19 crisis is winding down for much of the world. But as it does, another problem is...

Germany, May 8, 1945

On May 8, 1945, Germany formally declared defeat in World War II. As others have said, there was one war in Europe that began...

Spain’s Grand Plans in Africa

It wasn’t so long ago, historically speaking, that Spain was a great power. It ruled much of the Americas, dominated the Atlantic Ocean and...

The Struggle to Rule Moldova

Moldovan politics are stuck. New pro-Western President Maia Sandu has struggled to govern, as the parliament remains under the control of the party of...

Brief: Former French Generals Sign Threatening Letter

Background: France in recent years has experienced intense bouts of social unrest as well as attacks by Islamist extremists. On April 21, 20 former...

The Maghreb and Its Challenges for Europe

A battle for influence over the Mediterranean is underway. Its most hotly contested front is in the east, where Turkish designs on oil deposits...

Brief: Italy Keeps Its Options Open

Background: As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on European economies, it’s also taking a toll on European unity. After taking the lead on...

Daily Memo: US Navy in Indian Waters, Germany Negotiates for Russian Vaccine

U.S. Navy in Indian waters. A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer on Wednesday conducted a freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) inside India’s exclusive economic zone...

Brief: A Liquidity Crunch in the EU?

Background: Times are tough in the European Union. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown caused an economic downturn, and then its vaccination plan was bungled...

The Arc of Instability in Eastern Europe

It’s no secret that President Vladimir Putin, taking pages from the playbooks of Russian leaders of yore, is trying to secure strategic depth. Much...

How the Tech War Is Driving the US and EU Together

Earlier this month, the United States and the European Union warned of the need to protect themselves against competition from China in key technologies....

No, Russia and Ukraine Are Not About to Come to Blows

Fighting has resumed between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed rebels in Donbass who accused the government in Kyiv of preparing for a large-scale offensive....

COVID-19 Expedites Demographic Change

Editor’s Note: The following was inspired by a presentation delivered by the author at a webinar for Scholas Occurrentes, an international scholastic organization founded...

Brief: Tough Talk in Eastern Ukraine

Background: The frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region looks to be on the verge of heating back up. For the Kremlin, Ukraine is...

The Global Economy in 2020

(click to enlarge) The COVID-19 pandemic hurt everyone, but it didn’t hurt equally. Social distancing measures, both elective and government mandated, devastated businesses, particularly those...

Brief: EU Recovery Worries

Background: Last year, the European Union approved the 672.5 billion-euro ($815 billion) Recovery and Resilience Facility to help member states recover from the impact...

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The European Peninsula is facing two interlocking crises: first, the fragmentation in the European Union due to diverging national interests and, second, a shift in the relationship between the peninsula and the rest of Eurasia.

Germany is the most powerful country in the European Union and economically dependent on its exports to the bloc. Therefore, Germany must maintain a cohesive eurozone and European Union, in order to safeguard its exports and shape the direction of Europe’s economic policies.

Europe suffers from regional divides with drastic employment and economic discrepancies between the north and south. An east and west divide, dating back to the Soviet era, also influence countries’ different outlooks towards foreign interactions.

Russia and the United States continue to have competing interests in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Countries in the EU will question Germany's leadership. Member states will look to Germany to meet their needs, but they will not be willing to make sacrifices in return.

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Independents prevail. Chilean voters headed to the polls on Sunday to elect the 155-member constituent assembly charged with writing the country’s next constitution. With...

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Israel and the Palestinian territories are engaged in their most intense bout of fighting in years, and there’s a major power not too far...

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What does intelligence cooperation look like in an increasingly technological world? Christian Smith, Allison Fedirka, and Phillip Orchard discuss the mysteries and misunderstandings about the world’s foremost intelligence alliance.

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