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The World Ocean Versus the Continent

For centuries, the power that controls the seas – the “World Ocean” – has successfully stymied continental rivals and dictated the rules of world trade. The...

Russia’s Move

Russia is not a trustful country – for good reason. Germany invaded it twice in the 20th century, France invaded it once in the...

Daily Memo: Protests Erupt in Europe, Deal Reached in Sudan

Anger boils over. Protests broke out across Europe over the weekend after governments announced new COVID-19 restrictions last week. In Vienna, roughly 40,000 people...

Japan’s Indispensable Role in Southeast Asia

One of the funnier moments of the past few years in geopolitics took place in 2017 in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's bedroom. Duterte had...

Daily Memo: Japanese Stimulus, Indian Concession

Other direction. At a time when most countries have been paring back pandemic fiscal support due to inflation concerns, Japan is going the other...

Daily Memo: Philippines Accuses China of Blocking Its Ships

Chinese interference. Manila is accusing Beijing of sending three coast guard vessels to block Philippine supply ships from reaching Second Thomas Shoal, one of...

Daily Memo: Details of the Xi-Biden Summit

Xi-Biden summit. Details of the 3.5-hour videoconference between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are coming out. No surprise, but the U.S....

Daily Memo: Xi and Biden’s Summit, Putin’s Decree on Eastern Ukraine

Cordial meeting. Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden held their low-expectations virtual summit Monday night. The tone was cordial; not much...

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