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Daily Memo: Egypt and Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, China and Hong...

Egypt is concerned about the Islamic State.

Washington’s Chinese Tech Conundrum

The U.S. has a Chinese tech problem, but it’s stuck on how to fix it.

Daily Memo: An Impasse in Washington, a Glimmer of Hope in...

Trump and Erdogan fail to reach agreement on several issues, and the German economy narrowly avoids a technical recession.

George Friedman’s Thoughts: On My Visit to the United Arab Emirates

I spent last week in the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Dubai. Dubai sits on the edge of the Persian Gulf, which is called the Arabian Gulf by Arab states. This was not my first trip there, but I have never left the city, which means I have only seen the most modern […]

Daily Memo: US-South Korea Relations, Chinese Banking, Hong Kong Chaos

The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff is in Seoul for talks, and China's banking problems get worse.

Delayed Response: South America’s Unrest

The current social, economic and political unrest in the region has been building since the 2008 financial crisis.

Daily Memo: Indian Industry, Ukrainian Concerns, Israeli Defense

India's industry sector shows signs of decline, and Ukraine raises concerns of increasing coziness between Russia and Europe.

The Road to Four Months That Changed the World

Thirty years ago, on Nov. 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. This was the beginning of a period that would change the world. When...

Daily Memo: Bolivian Political Uncertainty, a Slew of Sanctions, Chinese Market...

Bolivia's president resigns, and the U.S. and EU threaten new sanctions.

In Central Asia, Can China Really Compete With Russia?

Chinese influence in Russia’s historical sphere of influence is growing.

In the US, a Farm Bankruptcy Bulge

Across the U.S. agriculture industry, Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings for farms have increased 24 percent over the past year.

Daily Memo: Russia Skirts Sanctions, Spain Fights US Legislation, the Islamic...

Moscow and Spain make moves to protect their firms.