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Poland Won’t Start World War III

For the world, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ushered in a new era. For Poland, it supercharged long-standing fears about Russian aggression. While Western European...

Daily Memo: NATO’s Nordic Expansion, Wheat Supply Concerns

NATO enlargement. Finland officially announced its decision to apply for NATO membership on Sunday. The country’s parliament will be consulted on the matter on...

Daily Memo: Finland Eyes NATO Membership

NATO expansion. In a statement issued Thursday, the president and the prime minister of Finland said that Helsinki must apply for NATO membership without...

Daily Memo: Ukraine Halts Some Russian Gas to Europe

Payback. Ukraine's gas transmission system operator said it is halting the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe via the Sokhranivka gas distribution station...

How the Ukraine War May End

Russia has been waging war in Ukraine for a little over two months now. That’s not an especially long time. The Korean War lasted...

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