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Daily Memo: Signs of Economic Growth in Russia

Adapting. Russia’s purchasing managers’ index increased at its fastest pace in nearly six years, from 50.7 in October to 53.2 in November. (A rating...

Daily Memo: Protests and Exercises

More protests in China. Another protest took place in the Chinese manufacturing hub of Guangzhou on Tuesday night. Police eventually dispersed the demonstrators. Today,...

Turkey Is Drowning in Opportunity

In nearly every direction, Turkey’s strategic environment is presenting opportunities for Ankara. The Turks particularly stand to benefit from the parallel crises facing Russia...

Eurasia in Crisis

Demonstrations against Beijing’s zero-COVID policy have surged in the past week, with people voicing their frustration at not only the lockdown measures but also...

Daily Memo: Chinese Protests, Venezuelan Oil

Anger over zero-COVID. Widespread protests against China's strict COVID-19 containment measures erupted across the country on Sunday. In Beijing and Shanghai, the demonstrations turned...

Understanding Iranian Politics

Following weeks of widespread protests, many speculate that the Iranian regime is facing imminent collapse. But this isn’t new; since 1979, foreign observers and...


Editor's note: To mark the American Thanksgiving holiday, we are republishing this article, originally released in 2020. Thanksgiving is a family holiday. For our family...

Daily Memo: Good News for German Industry?

German industry. Germany’s purchasing managers’ index rose to 46.7 in November from 45.1 in October, jumping for the first time since the war in...

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Eurasia in Crisis


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