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Russia’s Oil Conundrum

Revenue from oil exports may be flowing into Russia, but Moscow can’t decide how to spend the money.

Daily Memo: The US and Iran, Turkey in the Eastern Med,...

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US Military Options in Iran

The United States has openly accused Iran of being behind the drone and cruise missile attacks on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil refinery. Now the...

Daily Memo: Oil Prices Spike, Australia and Russia Court India, Auto...

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The Geopolitics of Iran’s Refinery Attack

A Yemeni rebel group aligned with Iran took credit for a drone attack against Saudi Arabia’s main oil refinery this weekend. The range, payload...

Daily Memo: Attacks on Aramco, Developments in Afghanistan, the US in...

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Pacific Aid and Allegiances

In recent weeks, the Solomon Islands' allegiance to Taiwan appeared shaky as mainland China sought to coax the island nation into its camp. The strategically located Pacific Islands are a soft-power battleground between the U.S. and China; here, we take a closer look at the evolution of aid - a key tool for maintaining allegiances - to these islands between 2011 and 2017.

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Russia’s Play for Iraq’s Future

Moscow wants to influence Iraq’s reconstruction in pursuit of its own strategic imperatives.

Daily Memo: Tariff Reprieve, Iran Sanctions, the European Economy

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Daily Memo: Bolton’s Departure, China in Central Asia, Iraq and Iran

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Russia Takes a Back Seat in South Ossetia

The Kremlin doesn’t want to exacerbate the border dispute in the breakaway republic.