Russia Erodes North Korea Sanctions

Moscow said the West should stop 'strangling' Pyongyang.

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UN Sanctions Regime Crumbling
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Last week, Russia vetoed the renewal of a U.N. panel tasked with monitoring the enforcement of international sanctions against North Korea. The panel, which the United Nations Security Council set up in 2006, was investigating the apparent sale of North Korean weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine. Russia’s permanent representative to the U.N. said the sanctions strategy was outdated and disconnected from reality, and its Foreign Ministry spokesperson accused the West of trying to “strangle” North Korea.

Meanwhile, reports suggest Russia started shipping oil products to North Korea in early March. Some of the involved vessels are reportedly under U.N. sanctions, but otherwise the trade does not yet breach the import cap, which has been in place since 2017. From Moscow’s perspective, the oil sales will help stave off a socio-economic crisis in North Korea and boost Russia’s regional influence. The two countries are also working on plans for the joint offshore exploration of oil and gas fields.

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