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Watch List: Nov. 30, 2017

Russian-Armenian relations, Chinese generals visit Washington

|December 4, 2017

The items listed below represent potential emerging issues that our analysts are tracking. These can be long term or short term, but will be updated daily. If an item on our Watch List becomes critical, we will email you a full analysis explaining its significance.

Each Saturday, we will follow up our daily Watch List for each week with our conclusions on these issues.

  • Russia, Armenia: Russia and Armenia are at odds over Yerevan’s economic ties with the European Union. Last week, Armenia signed the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, which is meant to improve bilateral ties with the EU. Russian media has been very critical of the move. Why are the Russians so upset over this deal? Does this split indicate a permanent geopolitical shift in the Armenian-Russian relationship and in the Caucasus?
  • China, U.S.: A high-level Chinese military delegation met with U.S. generals in Washington on Nov. 29. The meeting has not been widely publicized. We need to figure out whether this was a routine visit or if it had greater significance. What did the participants discuss, and where did they meet? How large was the Chinese delegation?
  • North Korea: A lot of information has emerged on the missile launched this week by North Korea. One issue of interest is North Korea’s ability to build a launcher, particularly a mobile launcher. We need to map out North Korea’s military capabilities. What are the technical hurdles to building a launcher and how difficult is it to overcome these hurdles?


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