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The World Explained in Maps

An atlas is a geopolitical cheat sheet. This report reveals the unique way we look at the world, and what lines on a map can tell you about the past and future.

The Best Writings of George Friedman

This collection is a refresher in George's best writings over the past five years on geopolitically important issues. There's something for everyone.

The Geopolitics of Donald Trump

There are those who regard Donald Trump as too stupid to make decisions. There are others who regard him as a brilliant if instinctive crafter of policy. What we know of him is this.

Coronavirus Collected Works

This critical collection covers the challenges of quarantine; the virus's impact on China, Iran and other countries; the global slowdown and economic outcome; and how the pandemic impacts the balance of power.

The Storm Before the Calm

The Storm Before the CalmPlus Bonus Chapters

Buy a paperback copy of The Storm Before the Calm and get six bonus chapters by George Friedman. (Offer valid only for shipping addresses in the United States.)
A Bloomberg Best Books of 2020

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