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2040 Forecast

Get a glimpse into the future and learn what the world will look like almost two decades from today. Shifting dominant powers and alliances will have a profound impact on the world, not just in a global sense, but in a way that will affect everyday life for billions of people.

How We Forecast

Our geopolitical forecasts are packed with vital information and analysis, based on our trusted model that explains how we perceive the world now. This report is an insider’s guide to the extensive modeling process we use to reach our forecasting conclusions.

The World Explained in Maps

Why do some powers rise while others fall? Features such as topography, population density, and transit routes play a large role in framing a nation’s constraints, and ultimately what a nation must do to overcome them.

New – The Geopolitics of the American President

Every four years, the American public goes to the polls to elect the presidential candidate they feel will best represent their priorities and will steer the country in a positive direction. Our new report lays out the top geopolitical imperatives of the United States, and just how they constrain the American president, plus, who is really keeping the president’s power in check.

The Geopolitics of Russia

The collapse of the Soviet Union was so traumatic that to this day it continues to define Russia's identity and its geopolitical imperatives. Our new report sheds light on how geography makes Russia inherently vulnerable, and what shapes its foreign policy decisions.

China's Economy After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hurt the world’s economies — some more than others. China’s economy is moving toward recovery. But it’s not in the clear just yet. This report analyzes the exceptional way in which the region’s major economy was able to ride out crisis with a higher GDP than many expected, and its projections for the future.

Facing Reality: A New American Strategy

As conflicts continue to unfold around the world, this report from geopolitical expert George Friedman brings comprehensive analysis to these issues through the lens of geopolitics.

The Storm Before the CalmPlus Bonus Chapters

Buy a paperback copy of The Storm Before the Calm and get six bonus chapters by George Friedman. (Offer valid only for shipping addresses in the United States.)
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A Bloomberg Best Books of 2020
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