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Daily Memo: Biden Tours East Asia, Canada Bans Chinese Firms From 5G

Asia tour. U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in South Korea for his first visit...


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What We’re Reading: Trade and the Ancient World

The Roman Empire and the Silk Routes: The Ancient World Economy and the Empires...

What We’re Reading: All About Europe

Europe's Future: Decoupling and Reforming By Sergio Fabbrini Sergio Fabbrini is easily one of the most...

What We’re Reading: Silence and Sleep

The Silence By Don DeLillo Last week, a bunch of us Texans prepared for the worst...

Poland Won’t Start World War III

For the world, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ushered in a new era. For Poland,...

Ode to France

Paris, where my wife and I are spending some time, is a city that...
Forecasts From George Friedman’s Book:
The Next 100 Years

(published 2009)

"For the next generation until roughly 2020, Russia’s primary concern will be reconstructing the Russian state and reasserting Russian power in the region... The Russians must dominate Belarus and Ukraine for their basic national security... If they were to fall into an enemy’s hands –for example, join NATO- Russia would be in mortal danger."

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The Future of NATO’s Strategic Concept

2022 will bring two major diplomatic events for the trans-Atlantic community. First, in March, the European Union will adopt its Strategic Compass, a document...

Reactions to Finland’s NATO Membership

On May 15, Finland officially announced that it would apply to join NATO. The...

Arab Food Insecurity and Political Failure

The Arab region, extending from the Persian Gulf in the east to the Atlantic...

Latin America in a Time of Transition

The world is in a transition period, leaving the post-Cold War era, which began...

How the Ukraine War May End

Russia has been waging war in Ukraine for a little over two months now....

From Paris to Vienna

My wife and I are still Europe, where we are scheduled to meet with Europeans working in areas in which, to my dismay, some...

The Storm Before the Calm

Plus Bonus Chapters

Buy The Storm Before the Calm paperback and receive 6 exclusive bonus chapters.
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The World in 2022

This year, pandemic-induced shortages and supply disruptions frame all other trends in the international system.

The Road to 2040

We look into the future and forecast what the world…

The World in 2021

Economic and political fallout from COVID-19 responses will remain the primary driver of events in 2021.

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L’Express: Les Idiots Utiles Dont Indispensables aux Mensonges de Poutine, par George Friedman

Les Russes sincèrement convaincus par la désinformation jouent un rôle essentiel : ils garantissent la survie du système, estime le fondateur de Geopolitical Futures. Full...

Euractiv: Caution Is Required When Waging an Economic War

“As momentous as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is, the most strategically important event in recent weeks was the global economic war between Russia and...

RealClearWorld: The World and a Small War

The war in Ukraine is having reverberations around the world. There are many reverberations to discuss. Today we'll focus on three areas: Poland and...

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