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Daily Memo: ECB Raises Interest Rates

Fighting inflation. The European Central Bank on Thursday hiked interest rates by half a...


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Protests Over Georgia’s Future

(click to enlarge) Georgia’s capital erupted with protests early this week after parliament attempted to advance controversial legislation on civil society groups. The bill, which...

Ukraine’s Biggest Supporters

(click to enlarge) Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. and dozens of allies have sent military, financial and humanitarian assistance to Kyiv. Weapons support included...

Will the Saudi-Iran Normalization Last?

Last week, two of the Middle East’s biggest rivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran, emerged...

How Arabs Aggravated Israeli Existential Fears

The Arab world’s hostility to the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine exacerbated...

Ukraine Crisis

Get exclusive insights into the Crisis in Ukraine and learn from our Geopolitical Analysts how the Russian Conflict is reshaping the world.

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The Future of NATO’s Strategic Concept

2022 will bring two major diplomatic events for the trans-Atlantic community. First, in March, the European Union will adopt its Strategic Compass, a document...

After Silicon Valley Bank

When I wrote in January that one of the major trends for the next...

Capitalizing on the South Caucasus

As war continues to rage in Ukraine, the wider conflict between Russia and the...

The Evolution of Regime Change in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran turned 44 years old about a month ago despite...

Israel and Iran’s Calibrated Conflict

For the past quarter century, Israel has endlessly reiterated its resolve to prevent Iran...
From the Desk of George Frieman
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Ukraine and the Long War

Editor’s note: By definition, geopolitics moves slowly. It’s a drawn-out explanation for the long-term trajectory of nations, one that all too often gets lost...

The Storm Before the Calm

Plus Bonus Chapters

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The World in 2023

Though the war in Ukraine is agonizing to observe, it is not the most important issue of 2023.

The Road to 2040

We look into the future and forecast what the world…

The World in 2022

This year, pandemic-induced shortages and supply disruptions frame all other trends in the international system.

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Sun Media Romania: Cum va arăta Europa după ce războiul din Ucraina se va sfârși

„În scenariul pe care îl cred și sper puțin probabil în care Rusia va câștiga în Ucraina, ne vom confrunta cu o creștere a...

Adevarul: Paradoxul războiului din Ucraina

Războiul din Ucraina aduce pagube greu de estimat, afectând nu doar o țară, ci un întreg continent. Dincolo de toate acestea, pentru România și...

RealClearDefense: The Future of U.S.-China Relations

Earlier this week, the G-20 summit opened in Indonesia, during which the long-awaited meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping...


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Protests Over Georgia’s Future

(click to enlarge) Georgia’s capital erupted with protests early this week after parliament attempted to advance controversial legislation on civil society groups. The bill, which...

Political Risk by Deglobalization

Political Risks Associated With Deglobalization Navigating The Changing Landscapes Changes In The Global Landscape Is Deglobalization Even An Option? Understanding the global political risk associated with deglobalization can...

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