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Watch List: June 7, 2018

A recount in Iraq, a mysterious illness in China

  • Last updated: June 7
  • Total word count: 219 words

The items listed below represent potential emerging issues that our analysts are tracking. These can be long term or short term, but will be updated daily. If an item on our Watch List becomes critical, we will email you a full analysis explaining its significance.

Each Saturday, we will follow up our daily Watch List for each week with our conclusions on these issues.

Iraq: The Iraqi parliament has ordered a recount of all 11 million votes from the May 12 election. What motivated this move?

China: U.S. Consulate workers in Guangzhou have been evacuated from China after experiencing mysterious health problems. A similar incident was reported in April involving a consulate worker in China who was exposed to strange noises that lasted several months. Their accounts appear similar to those of U.S. Consulate workers in Cuba in 2016. See what other details we can find about this story.

Jordan: Jordan’s prime minister-designate has said the proposed tax bill that was partly responsible for the protests that started last week will be scrapped. Jordan has been able to avoid larger uprisings since the Arab Spring by making concessions to appease the public. How meaningful is this concession? Is it enough to make a difference, or was the tax bill just a small part of what really drove the protests?