What follows are the preliminary findings for issues identified in the daily Watch Lists this week. We are only sending findings that we regard as significant or potentially significant to keep this list manageable. We have findings for all the Watch List items. Should you be interested in findings not listed here, please contact us and we will email them to you. To emphasize, you can contact us if there is an item not included here for which you’d like to see the findings. Our goal, as always, is to focus on what matters and not on things that don’t. Items from Dec. 4 Ukraine: The former leader of the Luhansk People’s Republic was accused by members of his own battalion of aiding the Ukrainian special services. This comes after he lost control of the rebel region and reportedly fled to Moscow. Something is happening in the Russia-U.S.-Ukraine talks, and we need to understand it better. What is Moscow’s view of this story? What details can we find about the claims of rebel forces being friendly to Kiev? Are there any signs of talks going badly or of Russia changing its relationship with the rebels? Finding: The Kremlin has not […]

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