Below you will find a list of books that members of the Geopolitical Futures team are currently reading. It highlights insightful and relevant books from around the globe and the reasons we chose them. Trail of Hope: The Anders Army, An Odyssey Across Three Continents By Norman Davies Meredith Friedman: Two weeks ago, I was privileged to hear Norman Davies speak in Sopot about his books on Poland. A Welsh historian, Davies speaks fluent Polish and has spent a lot of time in the country. His books on Polish history are major undertakings, and they’re best-sellers. “Trail of Hope” tells the story of the Poles who were deported east to the Soviet Union during the invasion of Poland by the Soviets and the Germans in 1939. Some of the deported were the wives, children and parents of Polish officers. They were sent to Siberia or Kazakhstan, while the officers themselves were shot by the Soviet secret police, the NKVD, at Katyn Forest. Many just disappeared and were never found. Wladyslaw Anders was one of those captured by the Soviets and imprisoned while Germany and the Soviet Union were allies. When Germany double-crossed Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, […]

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