Below you will find a list of books (and films) that members of the Geopolitical Futures team are currently reading or watching. It highlights insightful and relevant books from around the globe and the reasons we chose them. The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work By Alain de Botton David Boddiger: De Botton has a theory: There is a “long Western tradition of preoccupation with the remnants of collapsing civilizations, which can be traced at least as far back as the eighteenth century,” when legions of “ruin-gazers” found solace from once great things now “covered in weeds and sheltering wolves and wild dogs.” This is just a single observation from a writer who has developed an acute adeptness for arresting time to extract its DNA and convert complex human and mechanical processes and interactions in a globalized world into essentially poetry. With a watchmaker’s eye to detect and understand the minutia driving society, and a philosopher’s patience and inquisitiveness, de Botton travels the world to find out how things work, how airplanes are bought and sold and where they end up to die, how art is made, how fish are caught and shipped across the globe, and how this small bag […]

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