Daily Memo: Western Naval Cooperation, Helping Taiwan

Fleets are exploring ways to help each other as Washington tries to bring Taipei further into the international fold.

Western naval cooperation. The U.S. and British navies are preparing to sign an agreement to dramatically boost interoperability and technological integration, according to the head of U.S. naval operations. The agreement would allow personnel from both sides to serve on each other’s ships. This comes a day after the U.S. and French naval chiefs discussed ways to boost capacity for joint operations. Meanwhile, the British and Australian navies signed a memorandum of understanding on shipbuilding in the hopes of jointly developing next-generation destroyers. Helping Taiwan. The U.S. Congress introduced a pair of bills concerning Taiwan on Tuesday. Among other measures, the legislation is meant to end Taiwan’s isolation from international bodies such as the World Health Organization and to boost its standing in critical international financial institutions. It also reportedly will strengthen U.S. defense commitments. (As always, the devil will be in the details.) Meanwhile, India and Taiwan may soon open talks on a bilateral trade deal. Sanctions on Nord Stream 2. On Tuesday, the United States expanded its sanctions against Nord Stream 2, the embattled pipeline network designed to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. The new measures will target firms that work on the ships involved in […]

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