Daily Memo: New Tariffs in Europe, Combat Readiness in the Middle East

The U.S. has targeted booze and aircraft parts as it flies bombers over the Arabian Sea.

TAP supplies. Azerbaijan has begun to supply natural gas to southern Europe via the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline. Though the pipeline will eventually transport 10 billion cubic meters of gas for 25 years, with 8 billion cubic meters going to Italy and 2 billion cubic meters going to Greece and Bulgaria, initial shipments are more modest. It’s not enough to replace Russia, which uses gas as a source of political leverage in Europe, but Moscow surely can’t be happy about it. New tariffs in Europe. The United States has imposed new tariffs on goods from Germany and France, including aircraft components and certain types of alcohol. The move is the latest in a long-term spat between the U.S. and the EU over Airbus and Boeing. U.S. combat readiness in the Middle East. The U.S. recently flew B-52H bombers over the Arabian Sea, the second time in three weeks that the U.S. has conducted such a mission. The U.S. also conducted its first-ever refueling exercise with Qatar. Lukashenko changes his mind. Earlier this month, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko proposed to make the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly a constitutional body. This week, he said the body is not authorized to amend the constitution; it will […]

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