What It Means to Be Moderate


March 1, 2016 Can an essentially human trait describe a political stance?

The B-21: There Has to Be a Better Way to Drop a Bomb


Feb. 29, 2016 The U.S. military is taking a $50 billion gamble on predicting the future of warfare.

Chinese Propaganda vs. Western Spin


Feb. 26, 2016 Sometimes the media’s portrayal of an event can be more enlightening than the event itself.

Ceasefire and 97 Flavors of Opposition


Feb. 26, 2016 The Syrian ceasefire will be ineffective at building peace and will not lead rebel groups to form a united front.

Israel’s Strategic Vulnerability


Feb. 25, 2016 Chaos in the Middle East may serve Israel well now, but any solution will create new tensions.

What Isn’t Being Said About Guantanamo


Feb. 24, 2016 The transformation of warfare raises difficult questions when it comes to international laws written for a bygone time.

The Use and Abuse of Law


Feb. 23, 2016 We examine the relationship between law and power in geopolitics.

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