Daily Memo: Europe’s Response to Belarus and Russia

The European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the government in Belarus, but it's unlikely to inspire any real changes.

Burning bridges. The European Parliament adopted on Thursday a resolution calling for an investigation into the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and refusing to recognize Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko as the country’s leader after his current term ends. The resolution also urged EU members to impose sanctions on Russia and Lukashenko. It called on the bloc to support the opposition in Belarus, provide financial assistance to civil society organizations and refuse any funding requests from the Belarusian government for state-sponsored projects. Poland also proposed creating a 1 billion euro ($1.2 billion) “stabilization fund” to help rebuild Belarus. The resolution is unlikely to have a real impact on the government in Minsk, however; it’s nonbinding, and even after weeks of talk about imposing sanctions, the European Parliament couldn’t come to an agreement on the issue. An aide to Lukashenko said in response that the West was burning “the bridges of trust” with Belarus. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. The U.S. is reportedly set to sell another $7 billion in military gear to Taiwan, including unmanned surveillance systems, cruise missiles and sea mines. This comes as a high-level U.S. diplomat will this week become the second senior U.S. official to […]

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