The Instability of Britain

Brexit is less important than the increasing fragility of Britain and the British Isles.

Dissenting Opinions: On an Intervention in Venezuela

George Friedman and Jacob L. Shapiro offer different perspectives on a potential intervention.

The Russian Crisis

Vladimir Putin failed to keep his promise to create a modern economy. Now he has to pay the price.

The Real Issue Behind the Border Wall Debate

For the United States, immigration has always been a necessity and an agony.

From Doom to Doom: Population Explosions and Declines

As population growth booms and slows, the only constant is panic.

Apple and the Technology Cycle

The next society-changing innovation won’t be driven by the microchip.

What Has Happened to Us

The global system that many fear is dying is already dead. The new one has yet to emerge.

Brexit: How We Got Here

The referendum happened over two years ago, but there’s still debate over how to implement the result.

Making Sense of the Kerch Strait Crisis

Russia needs a lever to negotiate an end to sanctions, and the Kerch Strait could be just the ticket.

What 1979 Can Tell Us About Iran Today

History never repeats itself exactly. Or does it?