The Global Impact of a US Recession

It appears more and more likely that a recession is coming, and it will have geopolitical consequences.

Geography and the American Colonial Period

In the fifth installment of this series, I will focus on the origins of the United States and the geographical elements that were critical in defining American politics, strategy and culture. In particular, three geographical features defined the English colonies and helped shape the United States into the country it is today. (click to enlarge) […]

American Universities Are in Crisis

Elite universities are once again looking for social conformists rather than disrupters.

Response to Comments: On Leadership and Necessity

I’ve now shared three fragments of my next book on geopolitics with GPF readers. One on philosophy and geopolitics, one on historical determinism and one outlining a new geopolitical model for the current global system. The first intrigued readers and the third left you cold. But the second raised hackles, so it’s the second I […]

Alliances Shift as the Syrian War Winds Down

The countries that aligned to help protect Assad may be reconsidering their allegiances.

Toward a New Geopolitical Model

Note: I have received a staggering number of comments from readers on the first two installments in this series. As most of you know, we at GPF try to answer all of the emails we get from our readers. In this case, that hasn’t been possible. So instead, I will devote next week’s installment to […]

After Hanoi: North Korea, the US and Japan

As the United States alters its strategy, the others will follow suit.

Geopolitics and Necessity

I began this series with thoughts on Athens and Jerusalem not only because they were the roots of Christianity and Western civilization but because they both encountered Persia, in different ways and toward different ends. This leads me to the question: What determines the fates of nations and cities? In part, it is the question […]

Putin, Khrushchev and the Lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Putin has invoked the crisis to revive the perception of Russia as a superpower.

The US, Germany and the Strategic Divide in Europe

The NATO divide is not just a trans-Atlantic split but a European one as well.

The Fall of the Shah: 40 Years Later

The lessons learned through the collapse of his regime remain with us today.

The Instability of Britain

Brexit is less important than the increasing fragility of Britain and the British Isles.