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Shifts in the Western Pacific

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. visited Washington last week, where he signed what is essentially a collective defense agreement. In doing so, he sealed...

The Russian Mystery

There are too many unknowns to count in the Ukraine war. From the upcoming spring offensive to covert U.S. intelligence operations, mysteries abound. But...

Chinese-Philippine Confrontation

The Philippine coast guard reported last week that two of its ships were involved in a confrontation with the Chinese navy in the South...

Victory Day

We are a few weeks away from the anniversary of Victory Day, which marks the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany. The annual parade...

The Logic of American Strategy and War

In recent weeks I have focused on the social and economic evolution of the United States. Obviously, we also need to discuss U.S. strategic...

The American Crisis Intensifies

As I ooze back to consciousness after COVID-19 had me in its grip for the past few weeks, it has occurred to me that...

The Technology of Taming Weapons

The massive spring offensive against Ukraine that Russia threatened has not materialized. This does not mean it won’t happen, but it raises serious questions....

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