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From the Desk of George Friedman

America’s Wars and Failures

Sixty years ago, in 1962, the United States made the decision to go to war in Vietnam, deploying major ground and air forces to...

Russia, US and Ukraine: The State of Play

When nations negotiate, a quiet settles in before the threats begin. Such is the case now between the U.S. and Russia, which will soon...

The Russian Treaty Proposal

We have been operating with a model of Russia. Having lost its non-Russian territories with the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia is missing...

The Republic of COVID-19

The emergence of the omicron variant drives home an essential point: There is no evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic will end. It might, but...

Russia and Ukraine: War or Bluff?

Two weeks ago, I wrote an analysis of Russian strategy titled “Russia’s Move.” Here’s a brief recap: When the Soviet Union collapsed, it lost...

The Debate Over America First

Since the 1930s, there has been a debate in the United States over a foreign policy based on “America First,” a nationalistic policy that...

Russia’s Move

Russia is not a trustful country – for good reason. Germany invaded it twice in the 20th century, France invaded it once in the...

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