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From the Desk of George Friedman

China as a Third World Country

There is much discussion about the surging Chinese economy and the expanding international influence of China. There is no question that China’s economy has...

On the Suez Canal and Chokepoints

I’ve often written about chokepoints – those narrow passageways, on land or at sea, that are essential for the movement of goods and people...

Russia, China and the United States: First Shots

Any time there is a new U.S. president, major powers set out to test him and lay the groundwork for future bargaining in potential...

China’s Strategic Standpoint

One of the hardest problems of foreign policy is developing an accurate evaluation of a potential adversary’s intentions and capabilities, which are frequently separate...

B-52s in the Middle East

For all the world’s vastness and complexity, my attention is constantly drawn back to the Middle East, where there is much to think about....

The US, Iran and Bargaining Positions

The Iranian government has announced that it will not attend the first round of negotiations over restoring the agreement that limited its ability to...

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