Iran and the Problem of Occupation Warfare

For the U.S., defeating the Iranian military wouldn’t be the end of the war.

US-China Trade Talks and American Strategy

The United States is shifting from military to economic warfare.

The Story of Venezuela

It’s time to take a break from my search for the meaning of the nation and turn my focus to specific countries. I will start with Venezuela, which has been experiencing a political and economic crisis for several years. I spent a good deal of time in Venezuela in the 1990s. The reason for my […]

The US, Iran and a New American Deployment

Iran’s influence has spread across the Middle East, and the U.S. is pushing back.

Hypersonics and Modern War

Hypersonics could introduce a radically new type of war.

Nations, Wars and Liberal Democracy

Having considered the origins of the United States, Australia and Hungary over the past month, it is time to return to the underlying issue of the origin of nations and other communities and the relationship of the individual to community. In looking at these three examples, we can see that nations originate in the movement […]

The Nature of Nations

Over the past few weeks, I have discussed the relationship between geography and the evolution of three countries: the United States, Australia and Hungary. A key distinction I drew between them was that the United States and Australia were invented countries while Hungary was an organic country. This week, we’ll examine this idea further. Invented […]

Doing the Haka

Despite the furor that rages, the world appears to be quietly moving along.

The Geopolitics of Hungary

We’ve examined the geopolitics of the United States and Australia; let’s turn now to a radically different example: Hungary. Hungary is what I call a natural nation – its history as a self-aware community stretches into the “mists of time,” to be poetic. It has a common language and is predominantly Christian, and both of […]

NATO’s Anachronism

The principle of Euro-American security is vital. NATO is not.

Brexit and Charles de Gaulle’s Last Laugh

In many ways, de Gaulle foresaw the crisis Britain is now struggling to pull itself out of.

The Second Phase of American Geopolitics

I began this series with discussions of geopolitics and philosophy. I think it is useful now to attempt to show the practical impact of geography on politics and to continue using geography to explain the evolution of the United States. Last week, I showed how geography shaped America’s founding, both in terms of its foreign […]