Explanations for the Labor Shortage

The current breakdown of the global supply chain threatens to change the future of the world. If this worsens, the fabric of the global...

China’s Economic Crisis and Its Foreign Policy

China has reached a critical point that many countries often reach and that, however painful, is cleansing in the long term. Consider what happened...

Germany, Merkel and the Danger of Self-Confidence

Germany held an election to replace Angela Merkel, who led the German government for 16 years – through much of the implementation of the...

How the Global Economy Works, or Seems To

There is an interesting pattern that takes place in the global system. A nation emerges that is able to produce industrial products at low...

Why Australia Spurned France

The decision by the Australian government to join a U.S.-British consortium to help construct a nuclear submarine capability enraged France, whose previous efforts to...

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