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The Future of German-Chinese Trade: Prospects and Pitfalls

With China and Europe increasingly at odds with the U.S. on trade, they may be looking at each other as alternatives.

Central Asia’s Dangerous Homecoming

The Islamic State could make the region its next base.

The Crude Math of Geopolitical Risk

The price of oil isn’t arrived at rationally.

Brazil: A History of Military Interventions

Could the military intervene again to help Brazil address some of its political and economic woes?

Making Waves: China Pushes Ahead With Its Aircraft Carrier Program

Beijing’s unveiling of its second aircraft carrier hints at China’s expanding naval ambitions.

In Europe, as Migration Falls, Nationalism Rises

Europe is still struggling to deal with the effects of the refugee crisis.

Gauging the Strength of the Turkish Military

Since its founding, the modern Turkish republic has changed dramatically.

Korean Reunification: High Hopes and Higher Hurdles

The Koreas would be much stronger together, if they could just overcome everything that’s kept them apart for 70 years.

The Barriers to Development in Mexico’s Guerrero State

The central government has struggled to control Guerrero, one of Mexico’s most violent states.

Uzbekistan’s Inertia

Reforms have not liberalized the country as much as some may think.

A Lost Decade Made in China

Japan went through many of the same problems decades ago, but the comparison goes only so far.

Beyond the Rhetoric in the Rift Between Poland and Ukraine

The dispute over different interpretations of their shared history has resulted in protests and heated debates.

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