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The Resurrection of Scottish Foreign Policy

Its revival comes after more than 300 years of dormancy.

In the War Against Chinese Tech, the U.S. May Go It Alone

Washington’s threat to curtail security cooperation with allies that do business with Huawei is falling on deaf ears. But the U.S. has another trick up its sleeve.

Iran’s Water Pressure: Droughts, Floods and a Looming Crisis

If it wants to avert a disaster, Tehran needs to find a solution to the country’s water crisis. But its options are limited.

Is the Shale Revolution Here to Stay?

Critics of the U.S. shale industry question its staying power.

Brazil and Colombia: Responses to the Venezuelan Crisis

Summary Colombia and Brazil have adopted similar approaches to Venezuela and likely will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Both countries have followed...

The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State

This Islamic State may not last, but there is the possibility of a future Islamic State in the Middle East.

China’s Modernization Plan: The Blueprint and the Backlash

“Made in China 2025” promises to help Beijing dominate the high-tech world, but it has raised suspicions in the West.

The Centurieslong Contest for the Black Sea

The region has been the subject of countless conflicts, and the fighting isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

A New Chapter in US-Cuba Relations

The Trump administration is applying new measures to try to effect change on the island.

The UK and France: A Less Cordial Entente?

Despite the bumpy road to Brexit, we haven’t seen the end of French and British defense cooperation.

The Third Opium War

To understand China’s current confrontation with the West over trade, historical context is key.

In China, Manufacturers Feel the Heat of the Trade War

The world’s second-largest economy is embroiled in a trade war. That could change the calculus for firms doing business there.

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