Idlib, the Latest Frontline in the Syrian Civil War

A battle over Idlib poses a threat to all countries involved in the conflict.

Poland’s Population Problem

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Diversifying Mexico’s Export Markets

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Rebalancing China and Bracing for the Trade War

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Serbian Nationalism: Identity Out of Necessity

A shared objective – expelling the Ottomans – gave rise to a truly single national identity.

Poverty and Security in Russia

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The Geopolitics of London: Or, How England Joined the World

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Turkey and Iran: A Rivalry Reborn

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Ethiopia: A Regional Power in the Making?

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The US Weighs Its Options in the South China Sea

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The Future of German-Chinese Trade: Prospects and Pitfalls

With China and Europe increasingly at odds with the U.S. on trade, they may be looking at each other as alternatives.

Central Asia’s Dangerous Homecoming

The Islamic State could make the region its next base.