The Future of Europe After Brexit

June 29, 2016 The Continent is facing a new reality and a dysfunctional union.

The Slow Unraveling of NATO

June 22, 2016 As NATO members’ interests disperse, the alliance’s relevance wanes.

China’s Successors: The Manufacturing Migration

June 15, 2016 New countries are inheriting the role of the once-dominant basic manufacturing powerhouse.

The Future of the Islamic State and Its Caliphate

June 8, 2016 The Islamic State is under pressure in Iraq and Syria, but its opponents also face great challenges.

Brexit: Europe’s Reluctant Power Weighs Its Options

June 1, 2016 What will the referendum mean for Britain and the union?

Germany’s Invisible Crisis

May 15, 2016 A downturn in the German economy would have ripple effects across Europe.