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How Brazil Outgrew Mercosur

Years of dysfunction in the trade bloc are restricting Brazil’s global ambitions, and it needs a way out.

On US Involvement in the War in Yemen

Can Congress really put the brakes on U.S. support for the Saudis in Yemen?

Tracing the Origins of Venezuela’s Crisis

The country’s current predicament was centuries in the making.

The Philippines Makes the Most of China’s Interest

Manila may be warming to Beijing, but not enough to solve China’s maritime access problems.

Standing on Guard for an Economic Crisis in Canada

Canada’s debt is piling up, making it more vulnerable to a recession and less likely to snap out of one quickly.

Brazil’s New Leader Strives to Break Old Patterns

Jair Bolsonaro hopes to pull the country out of economic crisis and political scandal with ambitious reform initiatives. It won’t be easy.

A State of Enduring Division in the US

To blame the polarization and violence that seem to characterize this moment in American history on one man isn’t just intellectually lazy, it’s incorrect.

India’s Own String of Pearls

New Delhi is boosting its defense presence across the Indo-Pacific, as Beijing’s footprint also grows.

The US Rivalry With China Gets Closer to Home

Beijing’s interest in the Caribbean and Central America has gotten Washington’s attention.

The Predictive Power of Demography

History suggests the conventional wisdom about demographics and national power may be wrong.

China’s Unity in the Face of a Trade War

The economic cost is likely tolerable, but there’s a bigger issue at stake.

Batteries Make the World Go Round

The challenges of energy storage are reshaping global competition.

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