Below you will find a list of books that members of the Geopolitical Futures team are currently reading. It highlights insightful and relevant books from around the globe and the reasons we chose them. Churchill By Paul Johnson Meredith Friedman: After George wrote recently in The Public and Private Lives of Candidates that neither Winston Churchill nor Franklin D. Roosevelt would be elected to their country’s top office, today I decided to re-read some books about Churchill. I found this book by Johnson to be particularly pertinent at this point in history. Churchill was a man who knew what he wanted even if it meant changing allegiances to get there. Johnson writes: “He was not a party man. That was the truth. His loyalty belonged to the national interest, and his own. At one time or another he stood for Parliament under six labels: Conservative, Liberal, Coalition, Constitutionalist, Unionist and National Conservative.” Admittedly, having a safe seat in Parliament later made his allegiances more stable. Churchill’s ability to be elected prime minister today would be in doubt and by traditional measures he was a poor student. Yet, he mastered the English language in a way few other statesmen have. His writings […]

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