What follows are the preliminary findings for issues identified in the daily Watch Lists this week. We are only sending findings that we regard as significant or potentially significant to keep this email manageable. We have findings for all the Watch List items. Should you be interested in findings not listed here, please contact us and we will email them to you. To emphasize, you can contact us if there is an item not included here for which you’d like to see the findings. Our goal, as always, is to focus on what matters and not on things that don’t. Items from Dec. 8 Southeast Asia: Let’s get an update on the status of the Rohingya conflict in Southeast Asia. Local media are warning that persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar could spur a militant response. Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the issue is a political problem and can’t be resolved militarily. Myanmar’s foreign affairs secretary expressed dismay over Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s participation in a public rally in Rakhine. Finding: The Myanmar government is under increased diplomatic pressure because of its military and political actions against the Rohingya. The Muslim Rohingya people lack citizenship rights under the […]

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