What follows are the preliminary findings for issues identified in the daily Watch Lists this week. We are only sending findings that we regard as significant or potentially significant to keep this email manageable. We have findings for all the Watch List items. Should you be interested in findings not listed here, please contact us and we will email them to you. To emphasize, you can contact us if there is an item not included here for which you’d like to see the findings. Our goal, as always, is to focus on what matters and not on things that don’t. Items from April 27 United States-China: U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has directed the Commerce Department to initiate an investigation of Chinese steel imports to determine if they pose a risk to national security. If the Commerce Department finds a national security risk related to Chinese steel imports, and the Trump administration is not blocked by the courts, it could impose trade sanctions under the Trade Expansion Act’s Section 232. Use of Section 232 is relatively rare. It has previously been effectively used only to take action against oil imports by the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. We […]

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