Below you will find a list of books that members of the Geopolitical Futures team are currently reading. It highlights insightful and relevant books from around the globe and the reasons we chose them. Glory Road By Robert A. Heinlein George Friedman: As I may have mentioned, I love science fiction, particularly books that contain moral considerations. Heinlein in one of my favorite authors, and I relax by rereading him. “Glory Road” is a marvelous fantasy filled with magnificent creatures, utter villains, heroic men and beautiful and brave women. It is a portrait of a world in which greatness is possible. It contains a line from the Epicureans: “Dum vivimus, vivamus.” Roughly translated that means: “While we live, let us live.” He explains, or has one of the characters explain, “Love a lass, kill a man, write a book, fly to the moon,” as the things he has done and glories in. The point is that there is a distinction between merely living and truly living and embracing all of life, good and evil. I first read this when I was in my early teens, and it has stuck with me. As I read it now, I take stock of the things I […]

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