Daily Memo: US-Taiwan Relations, Lebanon’s Next Prime Minister

Lebanon’s ambassador to Germany is set to take over as prime minister.

Washington’s commitment to Taiwan. The U.S. is reportedly set to declassify documents providing clarity on the “six assurances,” a set of security commitments made to Taiwan in 1982 by the Reagan administration. This is notable because with Taiwan, as with many of its friends and allies, the U.S. generally prefers to keep its security commitments as vague as possible to avoid getting entangled in a conflict not of its choosing. The downside, naturally, is that it reinforces doubts abroad about just how much support the U.S. would provide in a crisis, forcing partner governments to hedge their bets and incentivizing potential adversaries to manufacture crises meant to add to local anxieties. In other words, there can be value in making U.S. red lines more explicit. This comes on the heels of several other notable developments in U.S.-Taiwan relations. Taiwan is seeking to purchase additional U.S. mines, surveillance drones and anti-ship missiles. Last week, Taiwan formally opened an F-16 maintenance hub. Also last week, Taiwan started the process of rolling back regulations that have been impeding trade talks with the U.S. And today, yet another U.S. warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait in a show of solidarity as Chinese forces conducted […]

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