Daily Memo: Protests in Eastern Russia, Clashes in Azerbaijan

As many as 35,000 people in Russia's Far East protested the arrest of a governor.

Russian protests. Protests broke out in Russia’s Far Eastern territory of Khabarovsk after Gov. Sergei Furgal was arrested and accused of organizing the murders of two businessmen in 2004-05. Unofficial reports said as many as 35,000 people participated in the protests, which claim that the arrest was politically motivated. (The region’s Internal Affairs Ministry said there were 10,000 to 12,000 protesters.) Furgal became governor of Khabarovsk in 2018, defeating candidates from the dominant United Russia party. Local authorities called on the protesters to abstain from violence and accused “non-systemic opposition and bloggers” of instigating unrest. In a separate incident in the Far Eastern Amur region, workers, many of them foreign, at a heavy industries plant that contracts with Russian energy giant Gazprom clashed with police over unpaid wages. Armenia and Azerbaijan clash. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry on Sunday accused Armenia of violating a cease-fire and shelling Azerbaijani forces in Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district near the two countries’ border. Azerbaijan said 120 mm mortar bombs landed on a village, but Armenia said the attack targeted army engineering infrastructure and technical facilities. Both sides resumed their attacks on Monday, resulting in the deaths of three Azerbaijani soldiers and an unknown number of Armenian casualties. […]

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