Daily Memo: Protest at the US Capitol

And Kim Jong Un is apologizing again.

Unrest in Washington. Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump rushed into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to disrupt a vote certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s election win. Four people were killed in the ensuing unrest, including one protester who was shot by law enforcement, and 14 police officers were injured. After a brief evacuation period, Congress returned and certified Biden’s victory. Kim is sorry. A day after shocking everyone, again, with his second public apology in the past six months for the woeful state of the North Korean economy, Kim Jong Un refocused the ongoing Workers’ Party of Korea Congress to an area where he’s been far more successful: military deterrence. Since taking over in 2011, and particularly since multiple missile and nuclear breakthroughs in 2017, Kim has elevated economics to a level of importance on par with national security – a major departure from his father’s policies. But delivering on his economic pledges is going to be much, much more difficult for the dear leader. Succession. Kim also promoted his sister, Kim Yo Jong, yet again. This illustrates how uncertainty over what would happen in a sudden succession scenario remains a destabilizing issue both in Pyongyang and the broader region. […]

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