Daily Memo: Iranian Protests Are Back

Meanwhile, floods threaten China’s recovery, and the border dispute in the Caucasus heats up.

Welcome back, Iranian protests. After a several-month hiatus due largely to the coronavirus outbreak, protests have broken out again in Iran, this time in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan. Citizens there are upset with economic conditions that continue to deteriorate under sanctions even as the government in Tehran presses forward with foreign adventurism in places like Gaza and Lebanon. The government has since dispersed protesters with tear gas and has partially restricted internet access in Khuzestan, while security forces were preemptively deployed to major cities such as Tehran and Isfahan. The protests come after a controversial governmental decision to uphold death sentences for three protesters who demonstrated against the government late last year, when unrest erupted over similar grievances of political frustration and poor economic conditions. Harsh crackdowns from Iran’s police and Basij forces resulted in the deadliest street violence since the 1979 revolution. The news of protests coincides with fresh U.S. intelligence that Iran has placed portions of its air defense system on “high alert” following several accidental fires and unexplained explosions at a number of Iranian facilities. Many, though not Tehran itself, have blamed the “mishaps” on Israel. Escalating threats in the Caucasus. Following cross-border clashes over the […]

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